Because Regular Online Dating Isn’t Awkward Enough

Because Regular Online Dating Isn’t Awkward Enough

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Nightcap for June 26th, 2017


Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. – Dale Carnegie

Because Regular Online Dating Isn’t Awkward Enough

Remember years ago when online dating was widely viewed as a last-ditch effort for the socially impaired or serial killers?

Somewhere in the last few decades, meeting someone online has become not only acceptable, but a legitimate means of weening out the serial killers and social delinquents.

Online dating has become so normalized that, according to the New York Daily News, 1/3 of married couples met online. There are hundreds of these sites that cater to a wide range of people that are oddly specific about whom they want to spend their time with.

When I dug into the dating inter-webs, I realized two very important things: 1) “Friend with Benefits” apparently doesn’t mean a partner with a 401K and dental. 2) the online dating world is no longer your run-of-the-mill gold diggers and lonely cat people. We are now in a generation where the criteria of some dating pools is so odd that one might feel depraved just requesting that her date have teeth.

Behold: The 25 oddest and most specific online dating sites.

Beers In Your Apps

Have you ever tried a new beer and thought, “Wow, this is really good. I need to remember the name of this for next time”? Even if you are a beer snob, I’m sure you’ve experience this at least once in your life and more than likely you completely forgot about it. That is until the next time you were standing at a liquor store, hands on hips, perusing the thousands of beer options and trying to recollect the name of that one beer you had at Timmy’s Grandma’s 90th birthday 2 months ago.

Fear not, dear friend! One company realized this was a universal problem and felt your pain so they created Untappd. Like everything else these days, it’s an app, free and easily downloaded on Android, Apple and anything in between (except maybe burner phones but my guess is that regaling old stories about beer is probably not why you have a burner phone so… we’ll just breeze right over that.)

I’m not a big “app person” myself, but I must say this one is pretty cool.

Essentially, it’s a social networking tool that premises around drinking. You can check-in to any bar or brewery or event, find out if you have any friends in the area, rate the beers you’ve tested, learn about any new drinks coming out. There even is a section for food, beer, and concert festivals in your area or “special tap” nights so you can try out new beers coming on the scene. It’s also an interactive app so you can discuss alcohol with other people and get some good recommendations based on the types of beer you generally like.

Really, it’s just a good app to have on you, even if you don’t use apps (much like myself). At the least it will track what you drink so that later, when you’re at that dreaded juxtaposition of not knowing or being overwhelmed by so many beer options at the liquor store, you can open the Untappd and a whole list already prepared for you is at your disposal. Takes the guessing game right out of it.

Check out the app here

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places…

Online dating is more common than ever. This increased popularity also leads to an increase in the “types” of people you meet.

Watch these women give their honest and hysterical opinion of dating profiles.

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