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Nightcap for June 27th, 2017


The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. – Dr. Seuss

Reality TV

I come from a generation where reality TV was real. It was authentic and candidly displayed the rollercoaster of raw emotion that the average viewer could relate to.

Unfortunately, this generation of millennials will never understand the challenges of finding love in a whore-den with moonshine liquor and an outdated, STD-riddled rockstar that hides his wigs with a bandana. (If you aren’t familiar with Rock of Love, Youtube that shit NOW. )

In all seriousness, there is an underbelly of the reality show world that –simply put –isn’t reality at all. The smoke-and-mirror affect is a well-oiled, multimillion-dollar machine that probably won’t be going away anytime soon.

Here is a one standpoint from a person who worked behind the scenes

The Restaurant Bubble: The Rise & Fall of America’s Favorite Past Time

Remember the movie The Big Short? Yeah, me neither. I mean, I remember it had the sort of cast that collectively would make up a Quinton Torrentino wet dream and that it established the sort of rogue, “f**k the 1 percent” idealism that Bernie Sander’s based his entire campaign off. But as well as the movie tried to explain to us dumb-dumbs how the housing crash of 2008 occurred, I still left the theatre befuddled. And apparently, right when things seemed to be looking up economically, it turns out — NOPE!

There may be a sequel of THE BIG SHORT if Kevin Alexander’s assessment of the current restaurant bubble proves to be true. (Not great for restaurateurs but if Ryan Gossling’s abs decide to make another appearance it may be worth it). In Alexander’s three-part analysis of the food and beverage market, he suggests there is a very real potential of another pop in America’s market bubble -but this time it’s affecting restaurant owners and workers.

This would be disastrous for restaurants, bars, delis, and clubs, potentially putting millions out of work and creating another market crash. However, this could also mean Shia Labeouf will come out of hiding from his Trump-protest to star in The Big Short: Food Edition.

Read the full story here.

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