New Trends in Jewelry Could Save Your Life

New Trends in Jewelry Could Save Your Life

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Nightcap for June 29th, 2017


“There is no great genius without some touch of madness.” – Aristotle

New Trends in Jewelry Could Save Your Life

Quick! What do most women love more than jewelry and not being attacked or harassed? I’m going to boldly guess there isn’t much. Now, thanks to a company called Sense6, us ladies have the option of rocking beautiful jewelry while also having the peace of mind that the very jewelry we are wearing could potentially save us from dangerous situations.

Chief Executive Jeff Axup of Sense6 explained that the concept came to him when he realized the only available means of contacting a friend or the police during an unwanted advance was via a cellular device. The problem is, when you are being attacked, access to a phone is rarely manageable. This new line of jewelry looks beautiful from the outside and has the ability to alert police or family members while also using GPS to let them know exactly where you are.

Here is a little bit more about the company, the jewelry line, and how it can potentially save you or a loved one’s life.

A Comprehensive Guideline to the World of Microbrews

My first beer was a Natty Ice when I was maybe 15. It tasted rancid (I think it was room temperature, to boot, but I didn’t care. My only goal was to get drunk. My taste in beer didn’t mature much throughout my teenage years and into college. Our nights were spent staking out people who would take mercy on us underage kids and buy us a 6 pack. The six pack usually consisted of “The Beast”, “PBR”, “Old English”, or any other kind of shitty beer you can think of. You name it, I’ve probably drank it and at the time it didn’t seem that bad. Not that it would have mattered if we hated our options. We were all poor which limited the options of alcohol at our disposal. Plus, when you are younger, there is less importance placed on the quality of the beer and more emphasis placed on a means to an end. Our untrained tongues thought Coors Light was a premium beer and when we had the money, that is what we would spend it on.

Today we are in a microbrew era. The basic Buds, Coors, Blue Moons, and Yuengling’s are becoming obsolete while the bars and restaurants are stocking their alcohol supply with Chocolate Porters, Tangerine IPAs, Belgium Whites, Mocha Nitro Stouts, and Fancy Ciders. While the basic microbrew categories are as follows: Belgiums, Pale Ales, Indian Pale Ales, Stouts, Porters, Ambers, Ciders, and a few others, there are subgroups even within these categories. This can cause a lot of confusion if you aren’t aware of the makeup of each of these beers.

Thanks to the Huffington Post, there is an easy guide to understand the difference between all of the beers on the market. Hopefully, this clarification will make ordering a little easier next time you are at a bar or the liquor store. Yet, if you are anything like me, you still prefer the old-school basics. Coors Light has always been my go-to.

Simple Self-Defense Moves

We all get a little nervous walking alone at night…

But fear not! Here are a few easy to learn self-defense moves.

Simple Self Defense Moves You Should Know