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Nightcap for July 7th, 2017


He who attends to his greater self becomes a great man, and he who attends to his smaller self becomes a small man. – Mencius

14 Reasons Camping is THE BEST

Camping is sort of like makeup contouring – it’s a lot of effort without much appreciation from others, probably because on the surface it seems simple.

Much like contouring makeup, camping also requires a surprising amount of planning, skills, and execution. This is all done to simulate “being one with nature.” It starts with packing the car; making sure you have the supplies necessary to keep you from dying. Then its time for setting up camp, building a campfire, and cooking crappy canned food. Oh and don’t forget these fun additions; digging holes to poop in, brushing your teeth in a freezing cold stream and sleeping on the hard ground all while trying to not freeze and fending off mosquitoes and bears alike. You can see how it would be difficult to sing “Kumbaya” around a campfire while eating beans and pretending you wouldn’t rather be on your Tempur-pedic mattress watching Netflix.

I must admit, camping is not for the faint of heart.

Despite all the crap that goes into camping, I FREAK’IN LOVE IT. No, seriously. It’s one of my favorite past times besides getting white-girl wasted (which, you can actually do while camping and is yet another reason I’m a big fan). If you’ve never camped, I urge you to do it ASAP. I’m not talking glamping where you have full amenities and a cushy bed. No, none of that whimpy stuff. You better be peeing in the woods and eating cold beans out of a can like the rest of us before you call yourself a “camper.”

Okay, maybe I haven’t done the best job selling the whole camping experience, but it really is one of my favorite past times and if I haven’t convinced you, maybe these fourteen reasons will put things into perspective.

Country Music: Then and Now

For as many people who claim to hate country music, you would expect it to be only for rural cities and good ‘ole Southern folk. However, country music is actually the most listened to music in America. Country dominates the airwaves, surpassing even pop music (which is mildly ironic considering pop stands for popular).

Perhaps this trend makes sense considering the recent shift in country music as a whole. In fact, many would argue that the lines between country music and pop have blurred so much, they are practically indistinguishable. This is because country music, as we know it, has made a huge transformation.

Gone are the crooning, solo acts of Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, and the poster boy for marijuana Willie Nelson. In their place is a surplus of young, energetic bands that aren’t afraid to use disc jockeys, autotunes, and catchy beats in place of the classic guitar, harmonica, and violin. Even the content has made a subtle shift from talking about God, farm life, and love to talking about sex, drinking and partying.

While the pop-sounding, new era of country music seems to be a recent development, innovators have come before. For example, it’s fair to say Garth Brooks was a pioneer of his time. He was known for blending old country with newer pop music sound. He is even credited with reaching across the proverbial music aisle and recruiting listeners who otherwise hated country music. However, even Garth Brooks’ music remains fairly embedded in the principals of what makes country music, country. New musicians on the scene like Sam Hunt and Luke Bryan have completely changed the face and sound of country music. While the change has opened many doors for other musicians with a sound distinct from both country and pop, others argue that the new branding is killing the traditional sound of country music.

Read the history behind the current shift here and let us know what you think of the new brand in the comments.

Mean Tweets – Country Music Edition

As we stated earlier, many people claim to dislike country music…

In fact, this dislike inspired the following country music edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets.

Click here to watch