Becoming A World Traveler

Becoming A World Traveler

The Nightcap

Nightcap for July 19th, 2017


“It is better for you to be free of fear lying upon a pallet, than to have a golden couch and a rich table and be full of trouble.” – Epicurus

Flying Is About The Destination

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” This may be true, unless you’re referring to flying. When traveling by plane, it is all about the destination because, let’s be honest, the journey sucks.

Even if you are the kind of person who likes flying, everything before getting on the plane is a total nightmare. From trying to book a flight kinda-sorta-maybe around the dates you want (which also doesn’t cost the same price as buying an actual plane) to getting shoved left and right by people racing to the last aisle seat, flying is just a disaster. My guess is Ralph Waldo Emerson has never flown American.

I truly hate traveling. However, I hate people who claim to love it even more; mostly because they’re either bull-shitters or sniffing glue. There is no way people like dragging their overflowing luggage through thousands of people just to practically undress in front of TA agents (who are probably rating your body because they wouldn’t know what to do with a terrorist even if they found one). From there you have to redress and run to your gate. Your flight will probably be delayed which means you have to spend another hour drinking at an airport bar or sitting on your luggage huffing down a stale donut you got from Dunkin Donuts. Oh, and once you get on the plane, you will definitely get sat next to a screaming baby or a woman who wants to talk the ENTIRE TIME. There’s just no escaping it. So you sit there, surrounded by people you don’t know yet already hate, and think to yourself, “if we all go down on this plane, I will have died hating everyone I am surrounded by.”

Maybe I was a little dramatic there, but you get the point. I may hate planes, but I love going places. I love seeing new cities or visiting old friends. For someone who hates flying, I probably fly at last three times a year. Because I’ve spent lots of time learning the nuances of getting the right deal, I’m here to tell you that the prices of tickets deflate after midnight, so it’s the best time to buy. It is also best if you buy on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Check various sites like Travelocity, CheapTickets, and the like. However, you should ALWAYS compare prices to the ones on the original airline website. Often, this is where you can find the best deals. It is important to keep in mind that certain airlines will ding you for everything from having bags over 50 pounds to picking your seats. Even items like pillows, movies, headphones, drinks, etc. (stuff most airlines used to give willingly) will cost you. So, while one ticket may look reasonable, make sure the small-print won’t come to bite you in the ass later.

From personal experience, I recommend traveling with Southwest. As of late, I believe they are the best flight carrier (and no they didn’t pay me to say that). They also have a great staff. Click here to learn about the best dates to buy flights.

The Beer Cheese State

Recently a well-established Food & Beverage company took it upon themselves to find the top ten drunkest cities in the United States, and they didn’t have to look long.

One state stood out from the rest, and that was good ol’ Wisconsin. While I have been to Wisconsin a few times and get why living there would make you want to drink, I’m assuming there are many external factors which contributed to this conclusion. These factors include population, how many bars per capita, etc. For example, Iowa, Alaska, Montana, and North Dakota were also among the top perpetrators. I’m guessing people don’t happen to just like drinking more in the Midwest than they do anywhere else. Instead, my thinking is these States don’t offer enticing alternatives to going bar hopping. In the winter, when the weather is particularly brutal these states don’t provide many activities other than drinking. Furthermore, a large percentage of people in these rural areas work in the food and hospitality business (in one form or another).

Having grown up in Colorado, I certainly understand how long winter can feel. However, we were fortunate enough to have activities like snowboarding, skiing, sledding, and ice fishing to get us through those rough, cold seasons. Unfortunately, many of the towns mentioned on the list have no winter life. Let’s be honest, boredom often leads to drinking.

To find out if your city made the list click here.

31 INSANELY AFFORDABLE Budget Travel Destinations to VISIT NOW

We all want to see the world, yet we can’t all afford to travel. However, now that you know the tricks to getting cheap flights, try visiting one of these affordable destinations.

Below are the best vacation destinations for those on a budget.

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