Entertaining The Masses

Entertaining The Masses

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Nightcap for July 21st, 2017


“Friendship is a sheltering tree.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Abandoned Amusment Parks Around The World

Amusement parks are some of the top grossing means of entertainment across the globe, particularly during the summer when school’s out and the weather is insufferably hot. Many parks, like Disney World, serve as destination spots, while others are smaller, local hangouts. Regardless of size or popularity, most places involving rides, pools, cotton candy, and games have historically been places people want to go.

Despite their past success, a surprisingly large number of amusement and water parks have closed down over recent years, especially after the economic recession of 2007. To make matters worse, if nobody buys out the property and the parks go into foreclosure, they end up sitting there until someone comes along and bulldozes the remains.

Additionally, because parks are usually in locations only suitable for other parks, casinos, or hotels, the spots remain vacant for extended periods of time (and end up becoming creepy architectural remnants).

Here are the stories behind some of the eeriest, abandoned theme parks from around the world.

Box Office or Bust

Quick! Who made the Truffle Shuffle famous? What movie coined the term, “You’re killing me, Smalls!” and which teen heartthrob was affectionately referred to as Maverick? The answers: Chunk, The Sandlot, and Tom Cruise. You probably already knew those answers, am I right? See, that’s the funny thing about movies; some of them just stand the test of time no matter how inconsequential they may have seemed when they first came out.

There are certain factors that help determine the likelihood a movie will be widely received; however, there’s no guarantee. For example, the 1995 movie Water World was one of the biggest movie flops in cinematic history; despite legendary actor, Kevin Costner, both acting in the film and producing it. The plot was an apocalyptic, cautionary tale of global warming and its aftermath. The film should have piqued the interest of plenty of people, but for reasons not fully known (other than sub par acting), the $172 million budgeted film only grossed $88 million.

Sometimes, the opposite is true, and a low-budget film suddenly becomes an overnight sensation. Take My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a low-budget film with B-list actors. This film made over $240 million dollars and became the highest grossing romantic comedy of all time; despite the fact it never made it to number one at the box office.

The point is, many of the movies we quote today or get excited to watch on TBS were never actually meant to be blockbuster hits. Here are five movies that were considered flops at the time but are now cult classics.

Dumb Game Show Answers

Game shows usually make for good entertainment. Combining people under pressure with video cameras always ends up as a good time… At least for the viewers