A Laugh A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

A Laugh A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

The Nightcap

Nightcap for July 26th, 2017


“One touch of nature makes the world world kin.” – William Shakespeare

Funny Pick-Up Lines

I love a good pickup line. Hell, I even love a bad pickup line (albeit they are basically one and the same). I know, most of you self-respecting individuals don’t want to be bothered with cheesy conversation starters. However, you have to give it to those who have the cajones to approach a total stranger at a bar and drop a pickup line. It takes guts just to build up the kind of confidence required to talk to a woman (or a man for that matter). But to also have the nerve to execute a cheesy pickup line in hopes of getting lucky just adds to the brazenness, which kind of I admire.

Don’t get me wrong pickup lines don’t work unless you are using them ironically. A creepy guy who thinks saying, “You have great bone structure, would you like to see mine?” will be a panty-dropper, is obviously delusional. However, if you were to use that line as a joke, knowing full well no self-respecting woman is going to leap off her barstool and drag you into the bathroom, then I think it could be considered slightly endearing. Either way, it’s a conversation starter and, if she can roll with the punches and come back with a witty rebuttal, then he’s accomplished what he sat out to do.

Women want a man to make her laugh. It’s one of the most important qualities women look for in a man (well that and Zac Effron’s abs). If you are looking for creative and funny pickup lines, here are a few good ones.

The Master of the One-Liners

The best thing about comedy is there are so many ways to perform it, particularly when it comes to stand-up comedy. Around 20 percent of what makes a great joke is in the material while the rest is in the delivery. Not everyone can be a comedian. Writing funny stuff and memorizing it isn’t exactly a tough skill to master and most of us, in some form or another, are funny (except my mom, bless her heart.) The real art form of stand-up is the execution of the joke. You have to have the “it” factor to be successful, and although I can’t put into words exactly what “it” is, you know it when you see it.

With the ease of technology and social media, these days everyone considers themselves a performer. To be fair, whether you suck or not, I have a hell of a lot of respect for people who can put themselves out there. However, most of these people won’t make it big, in part because they lack this “it” factor.

Still, there is another element that determines the success of a stand-up comedian, the need to stand out from the rest. Highly successful comedians have their own style. Entertainers often use one-liners, stories, impressions, instruments, ventriloquism, or props to be unique. For example, Chris Bliss often ends his show with an incredible juggling act.

While most comedians tell stories or address political and social issues with a humorous slant, a few comedians have mastered the art of the one-liners. My personal favorite is Mitch Hedberg. Here are his all-time best jokes.

Obama Admits to Wiretapping Trump

You read that right! Obama finally admitted it and we have all the proof right here…

Obama Admits to Wiretapping Trump