Trying Something New

Trying Something New

The Nightcap

Nightcap for July 28th, 2017


“Adversity is the first path to truth.” – Lord Byron

Life Hacks Gone Wrong

I love a good life hack. The fact that I’ve spent a significant portion of my life, not knowing there is an easier and proper way to fold a fitted sheet, instead of just balling it up and hiding it in the closet makes me feel cheated. Unfortunately, most life hacks aren’t all that practical or time-saving, (essentially meaning they aren’t life hacks at all). Most hacks are actually just creative ways to complete an everyday task. For example, have you seen the grilled cheese in a toaster hack? If not, let me quickly explain. Instead of just putting a cheese sandwich on a pan like a normal person, you can turn your toaster on its side and make the sandwich in the toaster instead. Why? I have no frick’in clue. I guess not to have to clean the pan afterward? Have no fear; I’m sure there is a life hack for that, too.

The point is most hacks are less efficient than executing the task the conventional way. Sometimes the hacks are so bad I wonder if people come up with them as a joke. Check out this hilarious attempt at emulating the most popular life hacks on the internet. This woman shows exactly how ridiculous these hacks can be (and the results are nothing short of hysterical).

Addiction: Cocaine and Cliff Diving

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is known as arguably one of the most beautiful places in the United States, if not the world. Home to some of the highest summits, bluest lakes, best ski mountains, and challenging biking and hiking terrain, the town attracts many thrill-seekers. In particular, health nuts who can’t get enough of the gorgeous outdoors Jackson Hole has to offer. Lately however, this location is attracting a whole different type of person, and it’s due to a new philosophy in how specialists are looking and treating drug addiction.

Addiction rehab clinics are popping up in the area with an entirely new method of looking at addictive behaviors. The focus is now on extreme sports, a new approach in the battle against drugs. What is the reasoning behind it? The pleasure-reward centers in our brain react the same way to activities like sky-diving or heli-skiing, as they do when stimulated with drugs. This happens due to chemicals like adrenaline and dopamine flooding our brain when we are accomplishing something both physically challenging and exciting. The response is no different when we consume drugs or alcohol. Essentially, the philosophy is that if we can redirect the addict’s need for that “rush” to a healthy alternative like completing a triathlon, the necessity for a brain-altering substance will (ideally) subside.

To learn more about extreme sports and their increasing role in helping with addiction, read the article here.

A Real Natural High

Who needs drugs and alcohol when you have meditation… (don’t roll your eye’s at me)

Interested? Click the link to watch the tutorial.

Get High Instantly! (An Ancient Technique for Hacking Your Body)