Playing Dirty

Playing Dirty

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Nightcap for July 29th, 2017


“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J. R. R. Tolkien

Why Aren’t Women Considered Funny?

Having both a sense of humor and a vagina is surprisingly difficult. I know, I know. Insert eye roll here. Is this another feminist article about how difficult it is to be awesome in 2017? The short answer is yes, but not in the self-deprecating/overtly angry way you would expect from a surge of opinion pieces that have come out lately, pointedly blaming society for everything wrong in their own lives.

First of all, I’m going to use the term “comedian” very loosely. Comedian can mean a number of things and everyone’s standards for what qualifies as funny are vastly different. I’m going to refer to myself as a comedian simply for argument’s sake. I think I’m funny and like maybe five other people would agree, including my mom but she kind of has to because of that whole DNA-bonding thing. For this argument, let’s momentarily suspend reality and pretend I’m hilarious and want to make it as a comedian. Do you know what the chances are I would succeed?

Almost zilch and here’s why: female comedians simply aren’t as well received by the masses. That’s not an excuse as to why I’m not famous. That’s a fact. For every successful female comedian you can name off the top of your head, there are at least ten males who are more successful than her. Sure, you could argue these women just aren’t as funny as their male counterparts, but there is an underbelly of the comic world we aren’t acknowledging – women can’t get away with the stuff men can.

Consider someone like Lisa Lampanelli: a crass, overweight comedian whose shtick usually involves sleeping with black men and a barrage of cuss words. Most people have a hard time watching her. Why? She’s “too much” yet consider the multitude of male comedians like Bob Saget or Doug Stanhope whose material is far more vulgar and edgy. They’ve enjoyed a great deal of success and financial earnings.

On the opposite end, consider those female comedians who’ve made a name for themselves like Tina Fey or Chelsea Handler. While they are undeniably brilliant in their craft, they walk a thin line that balances being funny with being attractive, likable, and politically correct. If you’re not convinced, consider how much media attention has been brought to Amy Schumer’s weight and how absolutely none of that rhetoric has played out with comedians like Patton Oswald or Gabriel Iglesias. As long as a male comedian is funny nothing else matters. To make it as a comedian, a female must meet much higher standards to even get a glimpse of stardom. Don’t believe me? Here is Forbes Magazine’s Top 10 earning comedians and only one is a female. Care to guess who she is?

Brain Damage and the NFL

When you were a kid, you probably had dreams of becoming an astronaut, Princess or maybe even an accountant. (Okay, you probably didn’t want to be an accountant unless you were a very rational 5-year old.) For many boys, their dream is to become a famous athlete specifically to be in the NFL. Unfortunately, that dream is realized for only a small portion of the public. Additionally, while playing and watching football is one of America’s favorite past times, the sport has been receiving criticism from doctors and players alike. And for a good reason.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a condition of the brain which can lead to Alzheimer’s. Cases of this disease have become increasingly common in football players due to continuous head trauma. The connection between CTE and NFL players was discovered by pathologist, Dr. Bennet Omalu who Will Smith subsequently played in 2015’s blockbuster hit, Concussion. However, the severity and commonality of the condition are only now gaining the public’s attention. A recent study of the brain matter of 111 deceased football players found that 110 of the participant’s brains showed signs of CTE. That’s a whopping 99%! To learn more about what the researchers found, click here.

Unsportsmanlike Moments in Pro Sports

American Football isn’t the only sport’s where players risk injury. In fact, in some cases, players purposely hurt each other to get an edge.

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