Let It Go Already

Let It Go Already

The Nightcap

Nightcap for July 30th, 2017


“We pass through this world but once.” – Stephen Jay Gould

To Ease or Not to Ease… That Is the Question

We are a society built on ease. Whatever avenues we can take to ensure things move easier, faster, and simpler in our daily lives, we will take.

The innate desire to declutter our lives to make room for, well… more clutter is so high that conglomerates like Amazon and Venmo attribute their success to this need to cut corners. We have instant coffee because brewing takes too long. We have drive-thru because fast food isn’t quite fast enough. We have frozen TV dinners because cooking is a pain in the ass. We have Tinder because leaving the house to meet people is way too daunting.

However, these alternatives are superficial. Ultimately, the way in which you operate on a daily basis wouldn’t dramatically change if we were to do away with some of these quick option methods.

In fact, some habitual acts make our lives harder. Most people are too busy to discover the maladaptive habits they’ve picked up over time. Were we to take a long look at many of our daily habits, we would realize that quite a few are making our lives substantially more complicated than they need to be.

To understand this further, here is a list of the ten ways you may be self-sabotaging your happiness.

Not-So-Reality TV

MTV is coming out with a new reality show called “Siesta Key, ” and really, the only reason I’m surprised by this is that I just assumed MTV had defaulted into running a constant loop of reruns of “Catfish” and “Teen Mom.” Maybe it’s revamping its image? I don’t know why they just won’t let it die. MTV was a good programming network back in its youth. It gave us Simon Rex, the Real World, Jenny McCarthy’s dating show Singled Out, and actual music videos. MTV is like that puppy you grew up with and loved and learned so much from but now is old, missing an eye and has diabetes. It’s time to pull an “Old Yeller” and put it out of its and our misery, ya know?

Apparently, MTV execs aren’t ready to let their mangled dog die, so they’re giving it a makeover with a new show about life at Siesta Key, a famous beach resort in Florida. Now, I know most of us have some understanding that reality tv isn’t reality, like, at all. So, it may come as no surprise that when the trailer for this new series hit the airwaves, there was a collective eye roll from locals as they watched the network bullshit their way through an enticing montage of beautiful people cartwheeling (for no apparent reason). Vlogger Louie Carey had quite a lot to say regarding the trailer, and I’m not sure if I want to watch the series even more or less now. Here is his epic rant regarding MTV’s “Siesta Key.”

IT – Official Trailer

Speaking of things that won’t die… Get ready to relive your childhood nightmares with the new revamped IT.

Yes, you saw that right, a new IT movie is hitting theatres September 8th.

Watch the trailer here if you dare…