Love In The Age of Technology

Love In The Age of Technology

The Nightcap

Nightcap for July 31st, 2017


“Flowers grow out of dark moments.” – Corita Kent

More Cushin’ for the Pushin’

What I love about this generation is that there is literally a term for everything. For example, in my day there were only three proverbial box options to check when asked what your sexuality was: Straight, gay or bi. That’s when life was easy. Now the boxes have extended to include Pansexuals (people who are attracted to people of despite gender and no, I’m not sure how this differs from bi other than a person being both bisexual AND obnoxious). Then there’s asexuals, sapiosexuals (people attracted to “minds not looks”), and my personal favorite, heteroflexible (which means a person is heterosexual but could be attracted to a person of the same sex given the right circumstances). So, in other words, a drunk college girl who likes to make out with her besties at bars.

Thanks to social media and things going viral, everyone now knows what words like “snowflake”, “Netflix and Chill”, “catfishing” and “ghosting” mean. I have no idea how the Oxford Dictionary can even keep up with the ever-evolving lingo of this era. The most recent terminology I have had the burden of learning is “cushioning.” The act of cushioning is certainly not new, but now we have a name for it. The article below delves into exactly what cushioning means, but I’ll give you the cliff-notes: It’s when you are dating someone but keep tabs on potential suitors in the event your current relationship doesn’t work out. Really, it just means you’re an insecure dick, but I guess that term isn’t viral-worthy enough. Read more here.

Dating Fails

Dating culture has changed dramatically over the years. A few decades ago, most dates started by two people meeting at a coffee shop or bar, exchanging numbers, then planning a formal date consisting of drinking more coffee or more alcohol. Before the internet, you knew you were attracted to the person before agreeing to any further socialization. If there were a mutual attraction, a date would follow to discover if there was more to the connection.

However, these days the process has done an 180. Thanks to dating websites, people know everything about each other before they meet. It’s common for dates to know how many siblings you have, where you grew up, or even which Marilyn Monroe quote is your favorite (we know, we know, it’s the one about “if you can’t handle me at my worst…”) before even meeting you. Total side note: Don’t ever use that quote on your dating profile. It makes you look super “basic”.

My point is that when you meet someone online, you aren’t sure you’ll be attracted to them until you meet them face-to-face, which is why it’s dating in reverse. It’s easy to lie when you’re filling out a dating application. I mean, we all lie a little when we’re trying to impress others, but some people take it further than others. And it’s because of this ease with which a startling number of our population can fabricate facts that result in some really awkward and terrible dates.

Here, Redditors tell of their most horrifying and sometimes hysterical dates.

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