Calm After The Storm

Calm After The Storm

The Nightcap

Nightcap for August 24th, 2017


“Money often costs too much.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Shopping Carts Astray

As a functioning society, we all abide by specific rules of conduct that keep us from going ballistic or Rocky-style on our fellow neighbor. Some indiscretions are worse than others, but basic decency has taught us there are certain behaviors to avoid, particularly in public.

Examples of these social considerations are: washing your hands after using the toilet, no littering, not cutting in store lines or car spaces, opening doors for others, and returning phone calls within an acceptable timeframe.

Then there are actions some people disagree are important markers of thoughtful, human behavior. Putting your shopping cart back is one of them.

I have heard arguments as to why there is no need to put your shopping cart back where it belongs, and I have to say, while I agree you don’t need to do it, I think you’re kind of a lousy person if you don’t. There really is no excuse. I have a 2-year-old whom I almost always lug around with me on shopping trips. Even when I have a basket full of groceries and a screaming toddler on a hot day; I always put my shopping cart back in its proper place. Not because I’m above you or purely altruistic but because I’m not an inconsiderate dickhead.

And apparently, there are people who agree with me. Read this woman’s account as to why such a seemingly menial task is actually pretty important.

Solar Eclipse: The Aftermath

The solar eclipse has come and gone, and if you were lucky enough to be in the proper spot on the map, you witnessed a rare glimpse of nature at one of its most awe-inspiring and iconic moments.

I live in South Florida, so the most interesting thing I got to see that day was the eclipse of a tweaker’s bare ass as he ran down Federal Avenue screaming something about the end of times. Seriously, there wasn’t much to look at from our line along the orbit which saddens me because I missed a moment I’ll never be able to capture again in my lifetime.

The silver lining is that we live in an era where everything is captured through photography and videography, so I got the gist of it. While some pictures looked like something my two-year old drew, others were quite impressive. Here are the most amazing (and accidental) photos taken during the solar eclipse of 2017.

Breaking Stuff

Had a bad day? Going through a rough breakup or lost your job? Maybe you just feel like breaking some shit? Well now there are “break rooms” where you can unleash your fury on whatever kind of equipment you want!

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