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The Nightcap

Nightcap for August 31st, 2017


“The only source of knowledge is experience.” – Albert Einstein

What Is Happening to Clothes?

I think we’ve all made fashion decisions we were later embarrassed by. All you need to do is look at photos from ten years ago and wonder what caused such a lack of foresight to make those style decisions.

To most of our credit, at the time I’m sure it seemed like a good idea. I’m certainly guilty of some terrible fashion choices but, in my defense, most of them were popular at the time. Most people follow suit (pun intended) with whatever is considered stylish at the time, so maybe we should blame our own lack of common sense less and point fingers at the fashion industry that forced us into these stylish faux pas while they probably laughed at us from the safety of their New York Ave offices.

But sometimes fashion trends are so bad that you recognize their ugliness and impracticality immediately and avoid that shit like the plague. Here are thirty examples of some of the worst apparel and accessories currently on the market. The real question is, who actually thought it was a good idea to buy these?

Not-So Inspirational Quotes

I feel like everyone has at least one friend, where you know exactly what’s going on in their lives based solely on the inspirational quotes, and memes they post on Facebook. For example, I almost always know when a particular friend of mine is going through a breakup. She gets dumped, and suddenly my Facebook feed looks like the Pinterest board of Oprah; quotes like “No man is worth your tears and the one who is will never make you cry” or “Boyfriends are temporary, but cats are forever.” Okay, I just made the last one up, but that’s pretty much the gist of every single one of these memes.

Facebook (along with most social media forums) has become a platform in which people feel comfortable publicizing every detail of their lives. While this may be therapeutic for the individual and possibly provides a healthy outlet to work through their feelings, it makes the rest of us cynical assholes roll our eyes so hard they are at risk of permanently getting stuck in our foreheads.

Don’t get me wrong -a unique and profound insight into life can be inspirational, but ten in a row is just obnoxious, especially when they are presented with the backdrop of a guy pondering life on a mountain. You know what is awesome? Un-inspirational quotes. That’s right. The bitter and sarcastic among us have comprised a list of hilarious responses to these memes, and everyone will leave you laughing your ass off. Find them here.

Getting “Rick Rolled”

Is there anything more badass than getting “Rick Rolled” at a Foo Fighter concert? I doubt it.

Watch as Foo Fighters and Rick Astley himself take on “Never Gonna Give You Up”