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Nightcap for September 24th, 2017


“You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can´t have it.” – Robert Anthony

Sibling Love

I have two pretty awesome brothers, one younger and one older. As the middle child and only girl, I can’t say I had an advantage, other than playing the girl card now and then. We used to love playing together; sticking up for each other when one of us got in trouble (mostly it was my older brother and me sticking up for my younger brother) because it gave us a sense of teamwork and unity. I love my brothers a lot but let’s get real. There were times I wish I could push them down into the sandbox when they made me mad, or when they won at all the video games, or when they won at every single outdoor sports activity we ever played together.

All siblings’ relationships aren’t the same, some hate each other and never speak where others are best friends. At the end of the day, when you’re growing up, it’s pretty normal to have a love-hate relationship with your siblings.

Check out these funny sibling jokes and see how you and your siblings can relate.

First Day of School Mom Tweets

Going back to school for a kid is either like winning the lottery or like walking into a hot flaming house fire. Either they are looking forward to it, or they dread it.

However for parents, their kids going back to school is pretty much like winning the lottery. I’ve never read about or met a parent who says they wish their kid wouldn’t have to go back to school so soon. For parents, especially the stay at home moms, kids starting back to school is spelled f-r-e-e-d-o-m. For stay at home Moms, it’s kind of like riding on a fluffy white cloud on a bright sunny day, eating chocolate bonbons, drinking a $15.00 bottle of Merlot (forget the $8.00 bottle of wine, this is a celebration!). It’s like a dream come true. No more nagging, no more fighting with their brothers or sisters all day long, and the house stays relatively tidy, rather than looking like a tornado came through every three hours.

Check out this link to see what these hilarious Mom’s tweeted about their children going back to school.

Happy Fall!

To celebrate the first day of Fall, Jimmy Kimmel went out onto Hollywood Blvd. with a leaf blower and a slow-motion camera and asked people to open wide.

Watch the hilarious aftermath here