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What A Weirdo

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Nightcap for September 25th, 2017


“It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.” – Helen Keller


The old adage goes: “You can’t pick your family but you can pick your friends.” That is unless you’re socially awkward and have no friendship-making abilities, then I guess all you have left to pick is your nose.

What the old saying fails to mention is where in-laws stand in the grand scheme of how we build our social network. I mean, you certainly can just say no to the whole shebang and meet a man or woman whose family you do like, but even that can be tricky because, chances are, there’s going to be at least one in the bunch you don’t vibe with. That’s just basic math. In-laws are essentially the family you do pick, which means if the whole family turns out to be hoarders or cult members, you either have to join in on the insanity, keep your mouth shut about it, or divorce the person that put you in that mess in the first place.

Whatever you decide, it clearly isn’t the best position to be in. Here’s another adage you might want to think about before you say forever to that special someone: “You aren’t just marrying the person, you’re marrying their family” Do you really want to be married to racist Uncle Bill with the bad breath who stops by unannounced? Your future husband better be Ryan Reynold’s doppelganger if that’s something you are willing to deal with day in and day out.

Here, women share their horror stories of Mother-In-Laws who are clearly straight out of hell. Who knows? Maybe they’ll make you feel better about your own in-laws.

Who’s The Boss, Now?

Being a boss is analogous to being a parent: You usually spend a lot of time yelling at people who don’t listen and don’t get paid nearly enough for it. While being the boss is a pretty coveted position most employees aim to have one day, it’s certainly not easy work.

You know who made being the boss look fun and easy? Tony Danza. He had the perfect blend of cool, hot babysitter “Charles in Charge” meets strict and feisty “Mary Poppins.” Tony always knew what to say and do to maintain peace in the family, all while teaching the kids some underlying moral lesson, keeping up with the laundry, and working on his biceps.

Clearly, not everyone is that good at being the boss. In fact, most of them don’t come close, and part of the reason for that is crappy employees. See, you can’t have great employees and a bad boss just like you can’t have a great boss with crappy employee. One is indicative of the other and a business simply can’t succeed if you don’t have a team that works as a perfectly oiled machine. Part of being an effective leader is knowing when to trim the fat… and by fat I mean shitty workers who don’t pull their weight. While it’s never fun to let someone go, it certainly can get interesting. Here fifteen bosses share the wild and nightmarish reasons they’ve ever had to fire someone.

Hashtags: #MyWeirdTeacher

We all had at least a few weird teacher groing up which makes this segment just too funny.

Watch Jimmy Fallon read his favorite tweets with the hashtag #MyWeirdTeacher.