Things That Go Bump In The Night

Things That Go Bump In The Night

The Nightcap

Nightcap for September 26th, 2017


“Everybody likes a compliment.” – Abraham Lincoln

Clowning Around

I was recently out to dinner with a group of friends when the conversation turned to recently released movies.

A little too excitedly, a friend of mine leaned in as if to tell a naughty secret, then screeched, “Oh my god, have you all seen the new IT movie?” Her wide eyes surveyed the crowd as she looked for someone who might match her level of joy.

Every single one of the 8 people I was in company with responded with a resounding “Yes!” and began talking over one another, regaling in the best and scariest parts of the film and arguing back and forth whether it did, in fact, meet expectations compared to its real McCoy.

I couldn’t contribute anything to the conversation as I, for one, didn’t see the new version or the original and had no desire to. I detest being scared. I find no enjoyment in gore or horror or the prolonged feeling of anxiety that occurs during and after I view a scary movie. And as the company around me –smart, successful, engaging people of all walks of life –continued comparing notes, I silently wondered what it was that draws certain people to horror and is it at all telling of a person’s character. What did it say about me that I couldn’t sleep for two days after watching The Skeleton Key –a flick with Kate Hudson as the leading role, for Pete’s sake.

So I decided to go home and look it up, and this is what I discovered

History Of The Bloody Mary

A lot of people don’t like Bloody Marys, usually because they aren’t fans of tomato juice or spicy things. Others love a good bloody, but are picky about what goes into it and how it should be “accessorize.” (I, for one, like my bloody Marys to come garnished with the equivalent of a salad, mostly because I feel like I’m doing something healthy for my body –like somehow the roughage counteracts the vodka.)

Regardless of your personal preference regarding the tasty cocktail, I think we can all agree that whoever made it socially acceptable to drink vodka at 9 in the morning was “bloody brilliant.” If I went out to breakfast with friends and ordered a vodka on the rocks, everyone including the waiter would look at me like I was a raging alcoholic. But add V8 to that bad boy and suddenly it’s totally acceptable to pair vodka with your eggs.

So who do we have to thank for manifesting this morning miracle? Read the article here to learn the history of the Bloody Mary (and feel free to make yourself one before you do so!)

Parents Read their Kids’ Search History

Having your personal information or browsing history exposed is scary for many… especially teens trying to keep things from their parents.

Watch these parents as they learn what their children are up to