Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

The Nightcap

Nightcap for September 28th, 2017


“Any excuse will serve a tyrant.” – Aesop

Football Fans Are Crazy

My brothers were always active when it came to sports, so was my Mom since she played basketball in high school. Out of all the siblings, I was the only one who didn’t play any team leagues or sports, unless you count cheering on the Pom-Pom squad.

When we watched games on TV as a family, we would wear the cliche family sports t-shirts and jerseys, eating popcorn and yelling at the TV when we didn’t like the referee’s calls. However, you could hear a pin drop when our team was losing.

Sports fans can be super serious about sports, sometimes a little too serious if you ask me. And just like the amazing variety of sports available, there are a variety of different types of fans, especially when it comes to football fans. Check out these seven types of football fans to see which ones you recognize the most in your family and friends.

Job Ads Gone Crazy

I remember my first real job working at a local McDonald’s doing light administrative work. I was 16 years old, got out of school a couple of hours early each day and drove directly to work. It was the first time I ever felt like a real adult! The best part about working for a company like McDonald’s was getting a free quick meal every day (I typically choose the Big Mac and McChicken sandwiches). The next high school job I had was at a fairly large tire distribution company. Eventually, I started working a second job in the mall part time, and every time I left the tire company and went straight to the retail job I felt like I reeked like a big fat truck tire. No one ever really said anything, but I always wondered if I smelled as “rubbery” as I thought I did.

The first two jobs I worked were found through my school, since then I’ve mostly found jobs in newspapers, online, through word of mouth or recommendations. When looking for jobs online, you’ll probably come across a few odd job postings which make you wonder “who the heck is applying for this??” Check out this link to see these crazy job postings for yourself.

Doctors Answer The Most Googled Sex Questions

Google really is one of the best inventions of our time. You can Google pretty much everything… and trust me when I say people google the craziest things.

Don’t believe me? Check out these doctors answer the most Googled sex questions