Jump Off The Bandwagon

Jump Off The Bandwagon

The Nightcap

Nightcap for November 21th, 2017


“Storms make trees take deeper roots.” – Dolly Parton

How Starbucks Stole Christmas

Anyone else miss the days when the only thing we had to argue about was what Starbucks put on their cup around Christmas time?

I look back on those days with such nostalgia, thinking about an easier time when paper cups was the biggest political disrupt and we had to walk uphill, barefoot, in the snow both ways for miles…

Oh wait, sorry, that was my great-grandparents.

Not one to outdo itself, Starbucks has come out with a new Christmas theme that may have people of faith decking baristas instead of the halls.

Check out the new cups here

Health Fails

You know that song, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones? I’m sure many of people thought Mick Jagger was talking about a lady friend or maybe just a valuable lesson about life in general.

I’m of the controversial opinion he was talking about having a thigh gap.

Or at least I trick myself into believing that’s what he was talking about because that song plays in my head every time I step into a gym.

It’s been drilled into our brains a million times over that photoshop, excessive makeup, and touch-ups are what’s driving impossible standards for us heinous subpar “people” who have the audacity to carry a few extra pounds and spend money on savings accounts or our kids as opposed to $50 mascara.

Seriously… go back into the hole you climbed out of, you measly “regular.”

Turns out, not only are these ideals of body types pretty much impossible to achieve but they can be quite dangerous, causing health problems down the road.

But who cares if you end up with copious amounts of health issues so long as you’re this close to looking like Kate Moss? AMIRIGHT, ladies?

Check out these disturbing fitness trends.

Special Touch

I don’t know about you, but when I drink my fancy cappuccino drinks, I think to myself “if only it had glitter.” Well if you’re like me, your prayers have been answered (although I can’t guarantee how safe this glitter is to ingest.)

Learn more here