Learning Life's Lessons

Learning Life’s Lessons

The Nightcap

Nightcap for November 22nd, 2017


“We are rarely proud when we are alone.” – Voltaire

How to Handle Your Shit Like A Boss

Seinfeld is arguably one of the greatest shows of all time.

No, it’s not full of incredibly attractive people nor is it full of pee-your-pants humor or intense love stories but it does represent every single one of us at some point of our lives.

If we haven’t actually done any of the things on the show, we’ve at least thought about it because if there is ANYTHING we understand, it’s the NEED to make sure the pizza boy saw us put the tip money in his jar or that close talkers are the worst.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I guess you just aren’t one of my peeps. You can go back to watching Big Bang Theory or whatever subpar show you watch, mere civilian.

Literally, every moment of your life has a Seinfeld reference to it and that’s what makes it so great. Wanna know how to be the boss of your domain?

There’s a Seinfeld gif collection for THAT ( just another example of how awesome this show is).

Starbucks and Their Gay Agenda

‘Tis the season to be jolly…

Just kidding. Screw you and your happiness and spreading of cheer because ain’t nothing trying to be spread but the homosexual agenda, as you will clearly notice in the new Starbucks commercial.

Yes, Starbucks is in hot water again because they had to one-up their liberal, anti-Christmasness with this years holiday cup.

To be clear, it’s not the actual cup that bothers people. What with its cheery Christmas trees and sleighs, it’s hard for even the most critical among us to have a problem with it (albeit, I may be giving humans too much credit).

Apparently, it’s the hands holding the cup causing the controversy. Yes, I’m serious.

The hands gripping the festive cups appear to be “gay hands” which some believe is another example of how Starbucks likes to push the gay agenda.

So, my ultimate advice would be to either start drinking at Dunkin Donuts or give up coffee all together this Christmas season because you don’t want to accidentally drink the gay-torade and end up obsessed with Lady Gaga and brunch.

It’s a slippery slope, people.

To read about Starbucks’ homo-agenda, click here.

Taking A Stroll

What’s cuter than a baby dressing up like her dog and taking him for a walk? Answer: nothing.

Watch the adorable video here