Doing It Oldschool

Doing It Oldschool

The Nightcap

Nightcap for November 27th, 2017


“First appearance deceives many.” – Ovid

Bad Grandpa

Sometimes we have trouble seeing our grandparents as real people, especially when we’re younger. You just assume as soon as a person turns 65, all that’s left to do is shop on QVC, make unhealthy food, and complain about your joints.

Look, we’re all gonna get there someday (well, hopefully), and it would be nice to remember that we weren’t always irritable slugs. We all had our crazy days of sex, drugs, and rock and roll and we have the scars to prove it.

The good news is that when you get old, nobody starts questioning anything you do. You can get away with almost anything and nobody says anything. Feel like walking around aimlessly through the neighborhood in your tight whiteys? Go for it, old man. Ain’t nobody calling the cops on your ass.

Jokes aside, your grandparents had a life way before you were even a twinkle in your parent’s eyes, and they might have been a lot cooler than you would be led to believe.

Here are some old-timey pictures to prove exactly how badass our grandparents were.

Raising Children on Apps

I’m really not certain how parents raised babies before Google existed. When I was pregnant and then when my son was born, I spent hours on my phone, looking up things. If my baby wouldn’t latch, GOOGLE THAT SHIT. If my baby was crying throughout the night. GOOGLE THAT SHIT, TOO!

Why is my baby so congested? How many times should I take him to the doctor? Is that rash normal? How many times should he be fed? Google, Google, GOOOOGGGGLLLEEEE.

It’s funny to think that, prior to technology, our parents pretty much just winged the whole thing. They weren’t caught up on not eating raw fish or unpasteurized cheese or sleep training.

No, they just navigated parenthood through intuitiveness and a lot of caffeine. There was no autism, or debate about vaccinations, or separation of breast feeders and formula feeders. The mantra pretty much was, “Is my kid alive? Good. Is he or she healthy and happy? Even better, I’m doing my job.”

Nowadays, there are mommy forums and apps and WebMD and pretty much any question you have about being a parenthood at your fingertips.

Is this a good thing? Yeah, in a lot of ways. It definitely means not having to bother your pediatrician for questions every ten minutes. Read more here

Playing It Cool

As long as you live, you probably will never be as cool as this 7 year old playing drums