Dangerous Situations

Dangerous Situations

The Nightcap

Nightcap for December 21st, 2017


“One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.” – Euripides

So high, So Low

High school is like a bunch of rubric cubes spread through a tripwire mine 10 feet above ground with axes that routinely come at you to throw you off balance.

Think Indiana Jones if nobody wanted to sit with him at lunch cuz he had a weird lisp.

That’s high school. And even when it’s fun, it’s a lot of pretending like you have your shit together when nobody does. So it’s also quite exhausting.

To make matters worse, movies have all these preconceived beliefs about how all high schoolers are. You’d think they had actually… I don’t know… been to one at some point, but based on the notions that are rampant in every. Damn. Movie. It seems like all these celebrities and producers kinda just got to skip the awkwardness of it all.

Here are some common staples that simply don’t happen in school. Or at least not my school!

Taking Back The Power

Let’s be clear: both men and women are capable of being attacked. Whether it’s by someone they know and trust or just some rando that totally side-blinded you. It’s scary, degrading, and actually makes you viscerally mad.

At least, I was when a guy came from up from behind me, wielding a knife, threatening to hurt me if I didn’t hand over my purse. Now, to be fair, there are like a million intelligent things I could have done there. But I didn’t do any of them.

The purse was mine and even though it had no particular value and there wasn’t cash or anything of value in there, all I kept thinking about was having to get new credit cards and going to the DMV for a new license. Yes, THAT’S how much I’d rather get robbed then dealing with the DMV.

He dragged me for like three blocks, but when he realized I was just as batshit crazy as he was, he just let me go and didn’t take anything.

For a few hours, I walked around like I was the freakin shit. Once in the comfort of my bedroom though, I started to realize all of the things that could have gone wrong. Was pride and a bag really worth potentially getting hurt? Doubtful.

But you just never know how you’re going to react in that type of situation which is why it’s particularly important for people (specifically women) to be able to defend themselves.

Here are some steps you can take to avoid anyone stealing from you, hurting you, or sexually assaulting you.

All Fun And Games

“I may not recognize a face but a dick, I won’t ever forget.” That sounds like something someone once said and, if not, someone will after playing this game