Getting A Little Sketchy

Getting A Little Sketchy

The Nightcap

Nightcap for December 22nd, 2017


“The crowd makes the ballgame.” – Ty Cobb

You Can’t Spell Harassment Without Men and Ass

It’s hard turning on the news these days because 80% of the time it’s just about another celebrity or person of importance being a predator or rapist.

As a woman, I can tell you that I’ve heard two types of responses to these allegations and both are equally frustrating.

The first being total surprise. Like, people are genuinely shocked – SHOCKED – that a man of power and wealth that have spent his whole lives being told how awesome he is, would dare have trouble hearing “no” from a woman or using his power to coheres a subordinate.

The, even more, cringe-worthy reaction tends to be, “well that’s just how things were then.”

Um, no to the big fuckity no. That’s how things STILL are and it doesn’t make it ok. People used to actually own black people but that doesn’t mean it’s a “generational misunderstanding.”

To add to the frustration, if you’ve worked a corporate job, you’ve probably had to sit through a PowerPoint presentation created by a man explaining to other men how to avoid getting the company in a lawsuit. Never in one or those stupid presentations have I heard a guy say, “Yeah if Joe from accounting grabs your ass, just take your pencil and jab it through his hand.”

Probably because Joe from accounting helped put the presentation together, presumably while rolling his eyes and talking about how “half the chicks at work aren’t hot enough to harass in the first place.”

For the record, I love men. I trust that not all men are cooch-hunters. But those old-school sexual harassment videos aren’t to protest women; they’re to protect companies.

Here’s why they don’t work.

Who Is This Craig Guy, Anyway?

Is Craig’s List still a thing?

I mean, I realize it’s still a “thing”, but it’s like herpes. Nobody ever talks about it and unless you’re physically there, you forget it exists.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve met roommates on Craig’s List, found jobs, and even found a babysitter but that was years ago before apps like LinkedIn, Tinder, and Offer Up existed. I know it sounds snobby, but I just feel like you should have a profile picture before exchanging any information or things, if for no other reason than giving the cops a sound lead.

And I’m clearly not alone in my exponentially growing belief that Craig’s List is sketchy based on these stories.

Golf Buddies

Big news for all you golfer nuts out there. Your game may have just gotten substantially better with these new sunglasses.