Under Pressure

Under Pressure

The Nightcap

Nightcap for December 24th, 2017


“We have met the enemy and he is us.” –
Walt Kelly

Babies Behind Bars

Without the caveat of an innocent woman unjustly being placed in prison, my threshold for sympathy for most offenders is pretty low. Do I think women who got caught selling weed are on the same level as a woman who stabbed her boyfriend to death or beat her children? Hell to the no. There is clearly a sliding scale on the “wrong doing” spectrum when it comes to women inmates.

So, it’s a little hard for me to feel sympathy for women that deliver babies in jail cells but, once you’ve read some of these situations, you sort of forget they were ex-meth heads and actual… ya know… humans giving life to totally innocent babies.

It’s just one of the many prison reforms that need to be implemented because NOBODY deserves being handcuffed to the wall while guards and inmates stare at you during your most vulnerable moment.

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Co-Hosting With Conan

What do we want?!


Who do we want it from?!


Want to get a chance to be funny on live television with Conan O’Brien?!


I don’t know if “support” Autism is the right phrasing. It’s probably more appropriate to say “support the fight to help individuals and families deal with the challenges they face due to Autism.”

Ok, this article just went from super upbeat to super depressing, kind of like most Tim Burton movies. But you really CAN win the chance to co-host with Conan O’Brien on his late show and that’s freak’in awesome if you’re totally cool hanging out with celebrities under the watchful scrutiny of millions of viewers.

You know, just a typical Friday night, I suppose.

If you’re unlike myself who would totally piss myself under such pressure, you should totally enter to win while doing a good deed by dominating to Autism related causes. Here’s how.

Body Positive

These beautiful, curvy women show that you don’t have to be a size 2 to get your pole dance on. Some times things that come in bigger packages really ARE better