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Learning Something New

The Nightcap

Nightcap for December 28th, 2017


“The more we do, the more we can do.” –
William Hazlitt

The True Christmas Spirit

Quick! What’s the best holiday-themed Christmas movie ever made?

If you didn’t answer Home Alone, you’re clearly a Semitic Jew that hates fun and Christmas cheer! (Or you just don’t find a family leaving their little son behind in a city TWICE very “Christmasy” which is a totally fair assessment.)

Although Jesus WAS left in a manger, so maybe it’s some deep metaphor where McCauley Caulking is supposed to represent Our Lord and Savor in crocks and a flannel.

Anyway, if you love Home Alone, then you’ll love these fun tidbits about the filming of it that you probably never knew!

Happy Holidays, you filthy animals!

It’ll Rot Your Brain, Kid

Remember as a kid watching commercials on tv? Watching families that looked just like you, gather around the breakfast table to indulge in some diabetic-comatose inducing Lucky Charms?

Or singing along to the “give me a break” to that KitKat song?

Or loving that double mint gum that promised to double your pleasure even though it lost flavor in seconds but it had the double mint twins and who could say no to those cuties?

My point is, commercials are not a thing kids these days are subjected to. With the option of recording shows or watching videos on Netflix and Hulu, commercials have become almost obsolete. Which is good because the less outside bullshit our kids have to be exposed to, the better.

Now, if only we could just unglue them from that damn tv that’s rotting their brains…

Read how the absence of commercials is influencing our child’s brain development.

Glitter Goals

Watch this… because there just simply isn’t enough glitter in our lives…