We're All Human

We’re All Human

The Nightcap

Nightcap for December 30th, 2017


“Art is anything you can get away with.” – Marshall McLuhan

Hey You Guuuuuuuuys!

Goonies is probably one of the most iconic, beloved movies in cinematic history. There really isn’t a generation that hasn’t at least seen it once (even if it’s an 85-year-old woman who accidentally landed on it while trying to find the QVC channel.)

And of course, among all the iconic characters in this iconic movie, Sloth is probably the most beloved and well-known. He’s disarmingly sweet and ends up being the biggest hero of the movie.

But, did you know that the actor who played Sloth, John Matuszak, actually accomplished more in his short life than most people do in a typical 80-year span? Granted, a lot of those “accomplishments” involved meth, porn, and some stints in jail but… technically those are accomplishments because when he went “bad” he did it better than anyone.

His legacy was a tortured one, littered with bouts of good deeds, talent, and physical prowess. But his demise was ultimately quick and abrupt.

To read about the real Sloth’s life, click here.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

I don’t buy into the “blue lives matter” vs “all cops are tyrants” debate. The argument is ridiculous at its core because it totally dismisses the whole “human being” aspect, making it seem like your career choice completely defines what your core values are.

At the end of the day, being a cop is a job. It’s a tough and scary job, no doubt about it. And if I had to deal with a bunch of teenagers on heroin and breaking street signs, I’d probably have a stick up my ass too. But, ultimately, it’s a career choice a person makes. It doesn’t mean that if you are a police officer, you’re automatically good at your job or even good at being a decent human being. Just like you probably work with a bunch of fucking morons, the same goes for the police department. And any job for that matter.

Most priests are good. Most cops are good. Most politicians are… okay, I can’t finish that sentence with a straight face. But my point is, you’re going to have bad seeds in every group you look at. Unfortunately, those few bad seeds tend to be the PR team for the entire group of people.

So yeah, there are bad cops out there. Some REALLY bad cops.

Here, a man talks about being tortured by the Chicago police department. Warning: you’ll probably need a drink after reading about his ordeal.

Love Conquers All

Love conquers all… even during one of the most prized displays of arguably barbaric manhood fighting and sportsmanship

Watch here