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Reality Check

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Nightcap for January 18th, 2018


“Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.” – Jules Renard

Gluten Is A Rich Person Problem

In one of my favorite articles to date, printed years ago at the first surge of “gluten intolerance awareness,” a woman wrote a satire article about Whole Foods. While I can’t recall the exact article, I remember this particular sentence leaping off the page and resonated with me, even years after reading it. While I may not be quoting her words verbatim, the gist was:

“I watch in awe as thin, urban housewives gravitate toward the high priced gluten-free foods, a disease that only wealthy people can afford to have.”

Now, I don’t have a strong opinion about gluten one way or another, so put the pitch forks down, folks. My point is only to put light onto the real issue of illness and poverty; the direct correlation between low-income households and the likelihood of obesity, stagnation, and a financial inability to afford the same food grievances.

While our commercials and blogs and check-out magazines claim to know the secret to health and fitness, not one of them ever addresses socioeconomics as the root of the American Health crisis.

And why would they? Nobody makes money off the poverty-stricken.

Here, a woman addresses the glaring reality behind exercise and food trends and what it means for our society and healthcare system.

A Lesson In Resilience

Nobody ever said life is fair. If they did, they were a ginormous douchebag.

Some people hit the jackpot at birth, cashing in on the genetic lotto or socioeconomic lotto. Other kids are metaphorically screwed at an age where they can’t comprehend what being screwed even means and the difference between the first example and the latter is merely luck. Sheer, dumb, fucking luck.

A lot of hurdles in life are laid out for you before you even have a chance to set themselves up yourself; to figure out a strategic plan ahead of time.

Whether you blame these obstacles on another person or a higher power or just a shitty hand life dealt you, you don’t have many options other than to pick yourself up from the wreckage and be the best fucking plastic surgeon of your life you can be.

It sounds like something out of a Lifetime movie, but the reality is, the only thing you DO have control over is resilience and grit. These are the fundamental characteristics of every successful person who was able to resurrect themselves from hellish childhoods.

Learn about their stories here and recognize that failure can either be a lesson learned or a dream ended. Only YOU control that.

Real Life Hacks

Why spend thousands on buying and installing a hot tub when you can ghetto-rig your very own with just a few tools? Check out how to do it here.