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Thinking Differently

The Nightcap

Nightcap for January 19th, 2018


“The ballot is stronger than the bullet.” – Abraham Lincoln

Snowboarders Rule, Skiers Drool

Remember the good ol’ days when skis used to be pencil thin with sharp, pointed tips and flat tails? It was about the same time Zinka sunscreen and skin-tight onesie ski-suits were popular.

If you don’t remember skis looking like torture devices, you probably weren’t around before snowboarding really dominated the snowy tundras of the Rocky Mountains or the Swiss Alps.

What does snowboarding have to do with skiing? Not a lot, if you totally discount the aerodynamic revolution that snowboarding brought to snow sports as a whole.

It’s true. Once snowboarding took center stage, the skiing industry was forced to reevaluate the way they were making skis, finally succumbing to a rounder, broader prototype to keep up with innovations made by companies like K2 and Solomon.

So, while skiing will probably be forever deemed the “classier” and “upper echelons” of the snow-sport world, skiers will always have the OG, knuckle-dragging, stoner snowboarders to thank for their evolutionary changes in aerodynamics.

Oh, and these other 8 traits that make snowboarding sooooo much cooler.

A Case For Polyamory

Open relationships are to communion marriage like TRX bands are to the exercise world. They’re great for novices but scary (and somewhat sacrilegious) for those who have never tried it.

In truth, both “sports” really are for those who are tough because neither are quintessentially easy. It takes compromise, openness, trust, and practice and many think that those qualities are somewhat counterintuitive to the core values of marriage.

Like TRX bands, you still have to appreciate good old sit-ups. They work, they’ve always been there for you, and they always understand if you’re having a rough day. You can hate them at times, but you know they are there in the background, patiently waiting as you try to spread your wings into territory that will surely get you frustrated or hurt.

But, if you can accept that marriage, love, and exercise (and everything in between), go through stages then maybe you can handle the idea of having multiple partners. Maybe you can understand that, while that TRX band with its shininess and newness and excitement, provides you with what you want at that moment, ultimately sit-ups are what you always want to go back to. It’s what you know, love and respect. If you know that and your S.O. knows that, I say do what you can to push your boundaries. Do that CrossFit. Join that Soul Cycle. Crush that marathon. But always remember sit-ups is there, waiting to help you when you’re at your weakest, slowest, and lowest.

Here’s what it’s like to be in an open relationship, as told by one couple.

Treasure Of The Sea

Usually, jellyfish are something we try to avoid, but these are simply mesmerizing.