Woman Problems

Woman Problems

The Nightcap

Nightcap for January 24th, 2018


“Men stumble over pebbles, never over mountains.” – Marilyn French

Blenders And Blunders

Technology is pretty amazing.

As I type this from my iPhone while drinking coffee I made from my Keurig machine and my toddler plays on his iPad.

Just kidding. No way in fuckity-fuck is my two year old allowed to have his own iPad. He’s actually playing with a large cardboard box he uses as a fort.

(What can I say? Sometimes technology is COMPLETELY unnecessary.)

But, 95 percent of the time it makes our lives substantially easier, particularly with menial house chores nobody wants to do.

For example, there are TONS of things 1950’s housewives did around the house that would make most of us laugh in 2018 (and I don’t just mean wearing pearls and heels while vacuuming a la June Cleaver style).

Here are some of the most outdated kitchen practices we actually used to do.

Can I get a loud, resounding “Hallelujah” for technology?

Beauty Is Pain

Grant Stafford is a Yes man. Literally. Kind of like in that Jim Carrey movie, this internet sensation will do anything… sometimes just for the sake of eliciting a good laugh.

Many of the experiments he puts his body through are beauty regiments that look like terrorist interrogation techniques. And while you have to admire a man who makes money trying out crazy, beauty trends, you have to wonder why women are PAYING for these processes while men are getting PAID to do them.

In this video, Stafford tries microblading which is, as far as I can surmise, a tad more painful than microdermabrasion.

And while we have to give kudos to the guy for testing it out, you kind of have to wonder exactly how far women will go to look young.

Making An Impact

When this man asked for volunteers to send time with his students that lacked strong, father influences in their lives, he was shocked by the outcome.