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Follow Your Gut

The Nightcap

Nightcap for January 25th, 2018


“Flowers grow out of dark moments.” –
Corita Kent

Thumbs Up, Guns Up

Hitchhiking seems to be so outdated, you can just go ahead and categorically box it with disco music and Ovaltine.

I always thought there was something so cool and freeing about standing on the side of a road, thumbs up; the wind and rush of travel wafting through your hair. Just you, your bag, and so many places to visit. There’s something almost romantic about it; like just thinking about it brings out the hippie, travel-bug in me.

But in this day and age, there is no way in hell you could get me to do it. Particularly as a female. I think Charles Manson kind of ruined hitchhiking for women everywhere, along with a slew of copy-cat serial killers throughout the years.

Mostly, people are good, but I don’t wanna roll that dice on humanity when I’m stuck five feet away from a person in a locked, moving vehicle.

People still do it, though. Not so much in America as in other countries, but every once in awhile you will find someone thumbing their way through the planes of Kansas or the winding roads of Arkansas.

If you have ever wanted to hitchhike, May I suggest an Uber instead? You can wait for them with your thumb out so it feels more authentic. Seriously, they’re pretty cheap and you’re on the grid, so there’s less of a rapey-murder vibe you get.

But if you really, REALLY want to seek the excitement of actually getting into stranger’s cars, here is a list of hitchhiking rules as told by a seasoned explorer.

The Youth Of A Tech Nation

The names Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are probably household names wherever you live, if for anything for the fact that half of your home probably runs on stuff they helped create or make.

What can I say? The two men are tech-gurus and have made billions being the nerdy guys the rest of us probably beat up in high school. (Meanwhile, us “cool” kids are barely making ends meet as adults with a secretarial position.)

Not much would surprise you about a man that makes billions – they both lived seemingly perfect lives with yachts, huge houses, and disposable income that they probably dried their dishes with. (Yeah right! I doubt either of them has cleaned a plate since the age of 25.) but you get my point.

What might surprise you is that they implemented pretty stringent, “no technology” rules on their kids as they grew up. That’s right – the two men that revolutionized technology restricted their own children’s use of it and for very good reason.

Check out the purpose behind this juxtaposition and let us know if you are for or against kids having technology at their disposal, 24/7.

Dance Off

Hilarity ensues when hip-hop and country intertwine in the 80’s. We can’t deny she’s got some pretty sweet moves, though…