Well That's Awkward

Well That’s Awkward

The Nightcap

Nightcap for January 30th, 2018


“Love is love’s reward.” -John Dryden

Reunion Ruined

Class reunions are fun. By now, years have gone by so most of your peers have grown out of their bullying or awkward stages. For the most part, people have become productive members of society with kids and a family. Meaning you can sit and have a conversation without the threat of starting a clique-war or having them steal your lunch money.

In some ways, reunions are just a platform to give people the chance to make amends for the mistakes they made, to admit past crushes or to see how old friends are doing.

And to see if that bitch in high school got fat. Let’s be honest, that’s also a part of the reason we go – superficial and ridiculous as it is.

While there are all sorts of surprises during class reunions, the one thing you can always count on is people getting way too drunk and making shit awkward for the few sober people in the room.

For a good laugh (or maybe even a little shock), click here to read about the awkward situations some people have encountered at their class reunions.


Quick: what’s the most important part of your body?

Pretty hard to answer, right? It’s such a vague and convoluted question. Do we mean important as in “what could you literally not live without?” That’s easy – the brain.

Or maybe most important as in what do you use the most? That’s probably your hands or feet.

Or some of you may say your face, boobs, butt, or vajayjay because those are your FAVORITE parts.

The reality is, it doesn’t really matter how you interpreted that question because – whatever your answer – you probably take fairly good care of it. If you love your skin, you probably have a pretty impressive skin regiment. If you love your booty, you probably do extra squats to make it look on point. If you love your heart, you probably eat things to keep it healthy.

Well ladies, now it’s time to love your vagina as much as you love every other body part.

Unless you’re on your period or having sex, sometimes it’s easy to forget to take care of your punani. But the truth is, between tampons, douches, and condoms, we expose our lady parts to some pretty scary stuff.

Worried that we’ve been putting carcinogens up our lady bits, this female entrepreneur decided she’s had enough with exposing her vagina to unhealthy things and has made safer, organic, and chemically-free condoms. Learn about these life-changers here.

Workout Trends

Chances are – if you can’t find an exercise you actually enjoy doing, it’ll be tough to stick with it.

That’s why this bungee jumping class may be just the perfect combination of fun and challenging that would make us all get off our butts.