Let Your Freak Out

Let Your Freak Out

The Nightcap

Nightcap for January 31st, 2018


“People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” – Anton Chekhov

What’s Your Kink Level?

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Alfred Kinsey and his extensive research on sexuality in the early 1900’s, you should google him right away.

He’s… interesting to say the least and is almost single-handedly responsible for our modern attempts to understand human sexuality and gender identity.

Quite controversial for his time, he opened up an Institute in Indiana that focused on sexual fluidity and levels of attraction. This was in 1947, so mind you, that’s during a time when television wasn’t even allowed to show married couples IN THE SAME BED, FULLY CLOTHED. So you can imagine how off-putting Kinsey’s efforts to revolutionize the way society viewed sex was. Many people dismissed him as a kook and a sexual deviant. Yet, others were intrigued by his research and findings.

In fact, he spent a chunk of his adulthood traveling around the country, asking people about their sexual activities and history. He even wrote a book about it called “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” in 1948 that surprisingly did quite well. However, when he made a sequel to the first book regarding women’s promiscuity, the book was shunned which ultimately sidelined his career. Speculation for this abrupt change was largely credited to the fact that most men didn’t want to think of their wives and girlfriends as sexual beings. They wanted to think of the mom to their children as virgin-esque. The thought that women might deviate from the sexual norm of the time was not something that men wanted to recognize.

Kinsey rated people’s sexuality on what was referred to as the “Kinsey scale” and if you’re curious where YOU land, here is a quiz that tells you everything you probably already know about your sexuality. (It’s fun, though!)

The PA on T&A

As women, we tend to assume we know what a guy notices about us. The obvious go-to is a great body aka ass and boobs (and you’re probably not wrong in that assumption). Even the most well-intentioned man will notice a woman’s physical appearance. It’s in their DNA. While it may make you slightly
uncomfortable, short of slapping them across the face or wearing a moo moo, there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it.

Hey, I say enjoy the compliment (unless they are vulgar about it). One day your boobs won’t defy gravity and your butt will have the consistency of cottage cheese so… be proud of what you have while you have it. Hell, be proud of what you have even when you don’t have it. You’re a rockstar. Remember that.

However, there are things men notice about us that might just surprise you. Yeah, the goofy way you sneeze that totally embarrasses you? He might find it incredibly endearing. The way you sing out-of-tune at the top of your lungs in the shower? He’s probably totally smiling to himself. That’s because guys understand you aren’t all about T&A and they aren’t either. Most of them understand that what makes us charming and irresistible goes way beyond having a rocking bod.

Wanna know some of little things you probably don’t even know he notices? Click here.


Because asses come in all shapes, sizes, and meanings…

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