Changing Over Time

Changing Over Time

The Nightcap

Nightcap for February 28th, 2018


“Love possesses not nor will it be possessed, for love is sufficient unto love.” – Khalil Gibran

Don’t Quote Me

Remember the game “telephone”? I’m not sure how popular it is amongst the young crowd these days, seeing as they all seem to communicate via texting and social media. But it sure was popular when I was little.

If you aren’t familiar with the game of telephone, it’s when one person says a phrase or sentence, and then the message is whispered from ear to ear until the final person has to repeat what the original phrase was. The purpose, or “lesson” I should say, is that when information gets passed from one person to another to another and another, eventually that information loses validity or becomes convoluted or completely changed.

The phenomenon goes well beyond the confines of a middle school playground. In fact, the misunderstanding of information is one of the leading reasons it’s hard to find verifiable news information anymore. It’s the reason “studies” are misquoted and famous quotes are misused.

We tend to hear what we want to hear, which – combined with the watered down version we get from the original source – is the reason information is continually inaccurate or misunderstood.

Here are six famous quotes we all like to insert into conversation and are using COMPLETELY wrong.

The Price of Dating

I’m old fashion when it comes to dating in that I expect a guy to pay on a first date. Okay, I’m also quite poor – so when I say I’m old fashion, I mean that I’m broke on top of having old time-y beliefs.

I’m also grossly aware how this is an outdated approach to dating and not fair at all, especially in an era in which online dating has opened up so many possibilities that people are clocking in a few dates a week in some cases.

Especially if a man is trying to impress you and not seem cheap, that’s a hefty financial burden.

So, unless you’re going on a date with a financial mogul, it’s kind of unfair to assume it’s his responsibility to keep you fed.

Here’s the thing: I still expect it. Or, more pointedly, I expect him to offer. Honestly, half the time I suggest we just go halfsies because I think that’s the fair thing to do. But I think the man should go into a date at least with the assumption or expectation of paying, even if he is relieved to find out the woman is happy to pay part of the tab.

This is an especially important conversation to have in the midst of a movement based on women wanting to be treated equally. It’s not fair for a man to expect sex on a first date but it’s fair that we expect him to pay? Perhaps the poorest and most old fashion among us should re-evaluate our stance on first date protocol.

Read about it here and give us your thoughts. Do YOU think a man should always pay on a first date?

Are You Brave Enough?

Maybe you’ve run an iron man or given natural childbirth, but do you think you’re strong enough to eat THIS?