How Cannabis Kills Cancer

How Cannabis Kills Cancer

The Nightcap

Nightcap for March 23rd, 2018


“Pennies do not come from heaven. They have to be earned here on earth.” – Margaret Thatcher

Smoking Your Way To Good Health

With the growing awareness that pharmaceutical companies are more invested in our money than in our mental and physical health, people are searching for alternative answers to their health problems.

The way we view “drugs” as a collective whole is changing. We’re starting to realize not all “illegal” drugs are bad and not all “legal” drugs are good. In fact, sometimes the two can be intertwined.

More and more states are recognizing marijuana not only as a fairly safe recreational hobby but also as having medicinal value. In fact, research continues to show the positive effects THC and cannabinoid oil has on a variety of health issues. There is also an undercurrent of concern that this plant might replace many money-grossing therapies.

The medicinal value of CBD oil is explained here.

DNA, Come Home

Many movies, books, and TV shows have been dedicated to the “weirdness” surrounding the mystery of extraterrestrial life.

From UFO sightings to accounts of Alien interaction to unexplained activity in Roswell, there are a lot of conspiracies and a lot of believers.

While there are many unanswered questions surrounding life on other planets, there is much less mystery regarding how humans are affected by living in Space.

Astronauts have experienced their fair share of “abnormal activity,” but it has nothing to do with aliens. It has to do with the physical repercussions that occur when they have been in outer space for long periods of time.

As this one astronaut explains, the environmental change can not only mess with your mind – it can actually change your genetic composition.

And that’s almost as crazy as seeing E.T. in your backyard.

Paging Fun Mums

Here is parenthood explained through a montage of hysterical, classic movies.