Don't Believe Everything You Read

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

The Nightcap

Nightcap for March 26th, 2018


“To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is angelic.” – Alphonse de Lamartine

Fake News

We are a society that tends to take everything we see or hear at face value. If we read it, we assume it’s true and we continue to perpetuate misinformation by repeating it.

We saw a lot of this during the 2016 Presidential election. People on both sides of the aisle were more than happy to push the “share” button on Facebook regarding literally ANYTHING that supported their beliefs. A lot of the memes and articles floating around were straight-up lies and could have easily been debunked by a simple Google search, but who has time for fact-checking when there are social media arguments to be had?!

Even when the information we receive comes from scientists, we blindly assume it’s true because they use science-y sounding words like “research” and “data.”

I get it. If we can’t trust men in lab coats, who CAN we trust?!

Here’s the thing: one study cannot irrefutably conclude anything. Most scientists will admit more research has to be conducted to reach any particular conclusion.

However, the media will pick up on one small element of a single study and run with it. Why? Because studies like “drinking black coffee makes you a psychopath” turn heads.

And yes, that’s an actual meme floating around and no, it’s not exactly true. If it were true, we’d stop trying to take guns away from people and start protesting Folgers.

So, when this story came out about wine, people started buying wine by the crate in the hope that they’d lose weight by drinking wine before bed. However, it’s important to note the study was referring to polyphenols – not necessarily wine. And only two studies were cited which does NOT make final, conclusive evidence.

Of course, no scientist is going to say “wait, this doesn’t necessarily prove anything. It was just ONE finding after ONE study.” Because what would be the fun in that, right?

But, if you want to feel better about those glasses of wine you down at dinner, this certainly will help.

Getting Into The Spirit

The idea of reincarnation has always been associated with Buddhist and Hindu ideology. Generally, the belief is that, after we die, we come back to life in another form: either as a rabbit or a gypsy or a ghost to mess with our exes.

Actually, I’m fairly certain Buddhists don’t believe in ghosts, but if I can come back as a caterpillar, why can’t I choose to spend my next life messing with people I didn’t like in the last life? That’s a religion I could get behind.

Either way, I’m pretty sure the term “YOLO” never caught on in these Asian religions.

Because death is so final and unknown, it can be scary for a lot of people. Many find solace in the idea of heaven. Or, as stated above, the concept of reincarnation. But if you are an Atheist, death is pretty cut-and-dry. You croak. You become worm food. The end.

Depressing right?

But now some scientists have found that the human “soul” doesn’t necessarily die with the body, and they have some pretty compelling arguments for their case.

I guess the Dalai Lama was smarter than we thought.

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It Wasn’t Me

When the Russian collusion allegations are summarized through a Shaggy song, pure magic and hilarity ensue.

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