Male Birth Control

Male Birth Control

The Nightcap

Nightcap for March 27th, 2018


“I didn’t think; I experimented.” – Anthony Burgess

Big Pharma Fail

You don’t need to watch “Side Effects”, the 2013 cinematic drama starring Jude Law and Channing Tatum, to know that the pharmaceutical industry can be anything but ethical.

Hell, all you have to do is try paying for a brand name drug without insurance to realize what a money-driven industry it is.

I get it. Selling drugs (whether legally or illegally) is a business. As such, you want your hard-earned money. But is it really necessary to drive the cost of life-saving pills to astronomical amounts? Is it really necessary to grossly profit off the illness and misfortune of millions?

Doctors at a university in India have dedicated years perfecting a shot that works as birth control for men. It’s effective, safe, and cheap. Exciting right? Now, men everywhere can have more control over their bodies and sexual encounters. What could go wrong?

Well, for starters, the fact that no pharmaceutical company wants to invest in it. Why? Read about the maddening reason, here.

Gone Phishin’

For a good portion of my teens and twenties, I couldn’t stand “Jam Bands.” To my untrained ears, the music sounded like a cacophony of untalented musicians with no style structure or direction. And their fans were obnoxious as all hell.

In all fairness, my opinion was shaped solely by continual exposure to shitty tape recordings of Widespread Panic and The Grateful Dead blaring at the coffee shop where I worked. My boss was a Dead Head, and as such, pretty much only played jam music.

It wasn’t until I dated a “Jam Band” guy that I started – if not understanding – at least appreciating the genius behind instrumental free-flow. The problem wasn’t the music itself; the problem was that I wasn’t listening to it in the right conditions.

Jam music isn’t meant to be heard over bad speakers in a cafe. It’s meant to be seen live. Period. The beauty of “jamming out” is that the result isn’t practiced. It’s a group of musicians playing off each other at that moment, and there has to be some level of appreciation for that kind of talent even if it’s not your “thing.”

So, when someone spliced this compilation of Seinfeld scenes to the backdrop of a live Phish audio recording, I was blown away.

Also, how do people have time to do this kind of thing? I feel accomplished if I manage to brush my teeth.

Barstool Sports

Baseball season is coming upon us and this rendition of The Brewers recreating a scene from the Sandlot might be the best thing you’ll see all season.