The Science Of Humor

The Science Of Humor

The Nightcap

Nightcap for March 28th, 2018


“Avoid popularity; it has many snares, and no real benefit.” – William Penn

Don’t Bomb Up There

Comedy is hard.

People have different things that trigger their amusement. Some people like one-liners whereas others prefer a layered, evolved joke with a strong punchline. Some prefer wholesome jokes, whereas others gravitate toward inappropriate and dirty humor (like yours truly).

Some people like The Big Bang Theory and I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. That show is awful.

See? Different strokes.

Regardless of your preference, there are universally agreed upon ways to broach the execution of a joke. For starters, you can’t screw up the punchline. You just can’t. Even if you correct yourself, it has lost that element of surprise. Secondly, if you’re not into your joke (meaning your voice inflection isn’t appropriate with the story’s characters or build-up), you can’t expect other people to be into it. Thirdly, you have to know your audience. A joke that might go over well with your coworkers or friends at happy hour probably won’t go over well with Aunt Tilly at Thanksgiving dinner. (Unless Aunt Tilly is a total badass, in which case, carry on.)

It turns out there actually IS a science to comedy, and even more shocking, there IS a universal joke that’s considered funny across the board. Find out what that joke is here.

Why Job Interviews Are Like Dates

Interviews can be really stressful. It’s kind of like being on a first date: you want to impress and you hope that the other person holds the key to your future happiness and well-being.

On a date, most of us have followed that long-held, golden rule that you don’t discuss specific subjects like past relationships, religion, and politics.

But during an interview, there doesn’t seem to be clear perimeters on what are acceptable topics to broach. (Although, I’m pretty sure this is another situation to avoid exes, politics, and religious affiliations).

Generally, interviewees tend to play on the safe side, skirting issues like salary and benefits in fear it may turn-off employers. Conversely, interviewers tend to push the envelope with inappropriate questions, mostly because they know most potential candidates aren’t going to call them out on it.

It’s like playing “just the tip” with the employer and it can be awkward as hell. In fact, some of the questions you’re asked are downright illegal and unethical.

Here is a list of common interview questions that you TOTALLY don’t need to answer (and the best way to respond).

Is Algae The New Fuel?

Science, combined with a focus on finding ways to preserve Mother Earth, has created new methods to fuel our lives without compromising the integrity of nature.

Learn more here