Millennials Hate The Simpsons

Millennials Hate The Simpsons

The Nightcap

Nightcap for March 30th, 2018


“We are all special cases.” – Albert Camus


TV shows are very telling of what’s going on socially, politically, and economically at the time they are popular.

Even if the show is satire or comedy, the writers still want to make the show relatable to their viewers. It’s why you can watch one of your parent’s old shows and be blown away at some of the things that were or weren’t acceptable back then. As an example, in family sitcoms, like I Love Lucy, married couples slept in different beds. Weird, right? It’s like they thought married couples never had sex…

(Ok, maybe that isn’t so far-fetched.)

As someone who didn’t really understand a lot of syndicated shows that were popular during my parents’ time, I’m starting to realize the same discontent and disconnect is happening with generations younger than myself. Kids are watching shows that I grew up with and referring to them as unrealistic, ideologically antiquated, and yes, even racist and misogynistic.

According to this article, millennials are declaring The Simpsons as racist, which is great, because I was running out of things to be offended by this week.

Comedic Chaos

“Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” is a tv show from 1998 in which Drew Carey hosted and directed a band of comedian misfits who pretty much were left to their own devices to entertain a live audience for an hour each week.

The premise of the show was one which could end up being wildly popular or an epic fail. After all, its hard enough to find the right blend of comedy to reach a broad audience. Everyone has different ideas of what constitutes humor.

So, when a show comes out that has no real structure, plot, or constant characters, you wonder how well it will be received.

Fortunately, the show ended up being comedic gold and soon, celebrity guests were making cameos on almost every episode.

20 years later, and the show still has most of us howling. Here’s one of the funniest clips from the show with a guest celebrity you won’t want to miss.

Tell It How It Is

This video of an Oklahoma man breaking down the realities of teachers’ salaries is going viral. Some people are applauding his canter while others are angry. Watch the clip here.

What do you think about what he has to say?