Libraries Of Tomorrow

Libraries Of Tomorrow

The Nightcap

Nightcap for April 17th, 2018


“Poverty is the worst form of violence.” – Mahatma Gandhi

B.C. vs A.C.

Nobody ever tells you that life is just a series of exhausting events with coffee and alcohol breaks in between to curb that exhaustion.

When you’re a baby, you don’t sleep. When you’re a kid, you wake up while your parents are sleeping to play with your toys. When you’re a teenager, you sneak out of the house to party with friends. When you’re in college, you stay up all night to study. When you’re out of college, you stay up all night partying at clubs. When you’re in your thirties, you stay up all night to work. When you’re in your forties you stay up all night cuz your asshole kids won’t sleep…

And on and on and on until, one day, you just die (presumably of exhaustion). And all the while, you’re wondering why you didn’t take advantage of the times you could have slept.

Two of the best times in your life will be when you don’t have kids and when you do. It’s like categorizing your life in two different eras: B.C. and A.C., only with “children” not “Christ.” Like Jesus himself, these two eras in your life are marked by the death of your old self and the rise of someone new, designed to take care of everyone else.

Your life B.C. and A.C. are both exciting and meaningful times, but they are vastly different. Really, the only similarity is that both require the same amount of caffeine and booze to get by.

Watch these hilarious moms compare parenting to clubbing. They aren’t wrong…

Reading People

Libraries are a dying breed which is sad, quite frankly, because libraries have been the staple of intellect, wealth, and ingenuity for centuries.

From public to private, libraries were common areas where people found sanctuary amongst the smell of leather-bound books and the souls of dead poets and philosophers who remained alive through the written word. Back in the day, libraries demanded respect and appreciation.

Now, libraries seem to be nothing more than a place to get free WiFi and a hangout spot for bums.

At the rate people are buying Kindles and getting all their information from the internet, I’m not sure libraries will even exist in the future. With Google at your fingertips, why would anyone bother taking a bus across town to check out a book that’s presumably outdated and stuck together with old food or semen?

(Yes, I realize that last part caught you off guard, but you’d be SHOCKED how many people have sex in libraries. I’m not condoning it – I would think the teachers’ break room would be more conducive to setting the mood. I’m just stating facts.)

Anyway, with people not reading as much as they used to, yet still being fascinated with other people’s stories, this one library decided to recreate a library for the public. Only, instead of books, they are using humans. Would you go?

Learn more here

Another Reboot

There is no doubt that Dexter left a huge impression on its followers. Edgy and exciting, the show had a huge fan base. But the ending left a lot to be desired, which is why we’re not sure how we feel about the rumors that a Dexter reboot is on the horizon…

Will there be a Dexter reboot?