Cheating On Tax Day

Cheating On Tax Day

The Nightcap

Nightcap for April 18th, 2018


“Lessons are not given, they are taken.” – Cesare Pavese

Doing Our Part For The Sake Of Art

Interactive art is nothing new. In fact, most art is meant to be interactive, even if just in a passive manner.

When a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to observe it, it’s argued that the tree may not make noise at all. In broader terms, the idea is that something doesn’t exist unless someone or something has bared witness to it.

The same could be said about art. Music is meant to be heard. Plays are meant to be watched. Dancing is meant to be seen. Of course, one could argue that artists don’t practice their craft to please other people, but I disagree. I think, on some level, all artists want to be appreciated for their talent and share with others whatever it is that compelled them to make it.

One cartoonist decided to take his artwork to a new level by turning a passive audience into an active one. He asks his fans what he should draw and the results are both clever and awe-inspiring.

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Never Leave A Paper Trail

Unless you’re an accountant, businessman, or just really good at numbers, filing taxes can be a freak’in nightmare. A lot of the questions sound like they were written in an algorithm and others feel like they were designed just to trick you.

“How much money did you spend last year on prescription drugs?” “Bitch, I don’t know. I invested in enough Xanax to get through this stupid questionnaire, is that sufficient enough?”

If you’re like me, you use Turbo Tax and, quite frankly, I have no idea why I just don’t go through an actual accountant. It costs about the same and accountants actually know how to get you the best tax write-offs available.

You know what they can ALSO do? Track your financials if you were dumb enough to leave a paper trail. (Drug Dealer Code: NEVER leave a paper trail. Just ask Biggie.)

With financial transaction apps like Venmo and Zella, exchanging finances has never been easier, but it also leaves evidence behind, possibly making it more difficult to “fudge numbers.”

As this hysterical video shows, some things probably should be exchanged in cash and cash, only.

Save The Animals

Does anyone remember having to cut the plastic rings on 6-packs of beer or soda for fear that birds and turtles will get their heads caught in them and strangle to death? Well this company came up with a clever solution that is both eco-friendly and gives BACK to Mother Nature.

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