Working Hard For The Money

Working Hard For The Money

The Nightcap

Nightcap for April 30th, 2018


“Life is a horizontal fall.” – Jean Cocteau

You’re Doing It Wrong

A week ago, I joined my two-year-old on set for his first-ever professional photo shoot.

Before you start getting all excited about this news, I should probably clarify that it was for an unknown brand of baby towels sold exclusively on Amazon. Also, he did it for free because it was a favor to the client who is a friend of a friend. So, to recap, my son is an Amazon “model” who works for free.

(I know, I know. He’s a preeeeetty big deal. You can look for me after this article for autographs.)

The pictures came out freak’in AWESOME, but of the five that were usable, there were at least 300 others that wouldn’t even be able to be used on the back of a milk carton.

The photography studio was “summer-scrotum” hot and sweaty due to all the lights. The towel my son was modeling weighed at least ten pounds. He was expected to sit still for hours while tired and hungry. It was hell for everyone. I don’t know how stage moms do it.

But you wouldn’t know any of this were you just to see the photos the company ended up going with. The ad copy depicts an angelic, happy child that is patiently sitting with a lightweight towel on his head. You know, because that’s what toddlers do, right?

The point is that advertisements are really good at intriguing viewers, yet rarely do they follow a logical course of action. To watch or look at ads is to view a world totally disconnected to our everyday reality.

These sixteen examples shed light on just how unrealistic companies us and our daily habits.

All Work And No Play…

We live in a society that praises a strong work ethic, and that totally makes sense.

Unless you were born into wealth or you just got lucky your whole life, everything good you’ve ever achieved was more than likely the result of an investment of your time and efforts.

We’re SO obsessed with hard work, that we don’t blink an eye when someone says they work two jobs or dedicate 60 hours a week in the office. This idea is so embedded In the fabric of our society that to suggest people shouldn’t have to dedicate that much time toward working is blasphemous.

But is it? Is it that crazy to think that the average person SHOULD be able to enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle at a 9-5? Do we only deserve a decent paycheck if it means forgoing all other enjoyments in life? Dare I suggest that the family unit we talk so much about may be falling apart at the seams because parents are working crazy hours?

Many studies suggest that these long hours are actually causing a drop in work ethic and productivity. In fact, this one study goes so far to say that, if you’re over the age of 40, you’re better off working three-day work weeks. Do you agree?

Keep In Line

If all police lineups were this awesome, we wouldn’t mind actually being in one. Just don’t ask us to sing baritone.

Watch the video here