Secrets Found In DNA

Secrets Found In DNA

The Nightcap

Nightcap for May 3rd, 2018


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A Q&A on DNA

Anyone who has taken biology 101 knows the basic premise of DNA. If you never took a middle school bio class, here’s what I remember about DNA:

You have stuff in your body that looks like swerve-y ladders which magically tells the rest of your body what to do and how to act.

(I know. I should have been a school teacher with this wealth of information.)

For decades, scientists have been confident that our looks, personality, and anatomical functioning are predetermined by our genes. But new research takes it a step further, suggesting that memories get passed down through our DNA.

Perhaps this is why people experience feelings of reincarnation.

Watch these new and astounding findings here.

Do The Means Justify The Ends?

When online companies like and 23 and Me came out, people flocked to these websites to find out more about their family line and history.

It was a cute concept…in theory. Learning that you’re 1/16th Native American or that your great, great, great uncle was the ruler of some random island makes for interesting dinner talk.

But, when you learn that your DNA goes into a federal database, the idea of sending your genetic information to an online company sounds a little less fun and a lot more Orwellian.

The public use of our private information has come under heavy scrutiny recently. On the heels of the Facebook firestorm is the debatably unethical way the F.B.I. was able to catch the Golden State Killer using his genealogy.

People seem to be conflicted with how they feel about the methods used to track down the serial killer. On one hand, it’s great that the families of his victims will finally be able to seek justice. On the other hand, questionable breaches of privacy must be considered and scrutinized.

Read the story here.

2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Michelle Wolf caused a bit of controversy as the host of the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Both sides appear offended which is quite the accomplishment considering they usually can’t agree on anything.

Did she go too far? Watch her full speech here and tell us what you think.