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Nightcap for May 11th, 2018


Either move or be moved. – Ezra Pound

Paw Patrol

There are many substantiated arguments as to why marijuana should be legalized. Conversely, there are valid arguments as for why it should continue to be illegal.

Just kidding. There is pretty much no valid reason, in 2018, that we should still be using significant amounts or tax dollars locking up citizens over marijuana use. Alcohol alone causes more damage than weed and that shits been legal for centuries (barring a 1920’s hiatus). However, condemners of the sticky green continue to churn out bogus claims at alarming rates. I’m not sure if that’s because people really, truly believe marijuana sits in the rankings of crack and heroin, or the pharmaceutical companies pedaling opiates are deep in naysayers’ pockets. Perhaps it’s a combination.

Either way, there’s very little rational surrounding the debate to keep weed illegal. Of all the unsupported “what if’s” I’ve seen circulating the weed debacle, this one has got to the dumbest.

According to one K9 training director, legalizing marijuana would create costly, irreversible harm to police canines. Apparently, this is more devastating than actual people being locked away for eating Doritos and watching The Food Network on repeat.

Where do you stand on the weed legalization debate?

Victoria and Her Many Secrets

Victoria may have more secrets than we thought.

I don’t shop at malls anymore. Does anyone, really? Except for teenagers who frequent the food courts or bored housewives? I mean, when you can be a lazy slop-ass and buy cheap shit on Amazon from the comfort of your Cheeto-stained sofa, I don’t see there being any other, viable option.

However, when I was younger, going to the mall was pretty freak’in exciting. In retrospect, I have no idea why, but at the time, nothing was more thrilling than walking past those glittery, bright stores filled with hope, promise, and really shitty techno music.

Victoria’s Secret was one of my favorite places to patronize. (Again – no idea why. Hell, my HEAD probably couldn’t fill out one of those $100 bras, let alone a boob). I guess I was just seduced into the possibility that buying their overpriced apparel would somehow transform me into a buxom goddess.

Of course it didn’t and, apparently, it doesn’t do that even for the models. Victoria’s models have quite a lot of secrets themselves and here are some of them.

Apparently, working for the lingerie powerhouse feels a little less glamorous and a lot more sweat-shoppy.

2018 Met Gala

Jimmy shares stories from the 2018 Met Gala, including walking in with Stephen Colbert as his date, run-ins with Kim Kardashian, Cardi B and Priyanka Chopra, and getting “blessed” by Madonna.

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