Who's Watching You

Who’s Watching You

The Nightcap

Nightcap for May 9th, 2018


“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S Truman

Storm In The White House

The current state of affairs unraveling in the White House is pretty chaotic, though the pandemonium has little to do with actual politics.

Donald Trump is currently in the crosshairs of a scandal involving a secret payout to a pornstar in exchange for her silence. It’s the kind of thing so ridiculous, it sounds like the storyline in a bad Daniel Steele novel. Regardless of your political standing, the whole ordeal is embarrassing. Our country has bigger things to worry about than a sex scandal that happened a decade ago.

If the reports are true, it’s pretty disheartening but not all that shocking. Plenty of Trump’s predecessors have been caught in a sex scandal. From Clinton getting serviced in the Oval Office to JFK having countless affairs to Weiner showing off HIS weiner, politics has a long history of inappropriate behavior.

In light of the Trump and Daniels scandal, SNL did what they do best and mocked everyone involved in the line of deception, and it did not disappoint. Watch the hilarious video here.

Cellphones And Scam Artists

These days most people handle financial transactions through their phone. From Apple Pay to Venmo to Zelle, it has never been easier to pay bills and transfer funds.

All of the current payment apps are pretty well secured… or so it would seem. Generally speaking, you have to provide a fingerprint, a passcode, a recognized device, and promise of sacrificing your first born to the technology gods before you can even get to your bank account.

This has forced scam artists to invent some pretty creative methods in order to hack into your accounts and steal your identity.

Meet Bill Stillwaugh, a family man who had $4,000 drained from his bank account seemingly out of nowhere. It all happened through a scheme called “Phone Porting” and his story will make you think twice about how you use your phone.

The Night (I watched You)

Watch Donald Glover perform in this hilarious 80’s style music video.

Watch the video here