Can You Handle The Truth?

Can You Handle The Truth?

The Nightcap

Nightcap for May 17th, 2018


“Problems are not the problem; coping is the problem.” – Virginia Satir

All Is Not What It Seems

Like most people, I would like to believe that the products I buy and the services I use aren’t misleading or falsified.

When I buy organic food, I would like to believe that it is – in fact – organic. When I buy underwear, I expect it to be clean and unused. And when I go in for teeth cleaning, I damn sure hope the dental hygienist is qualified.

But that would be a utopian society in a parallel universe where we were all allowed to have nice things and get along. But we DON’T live in that kind of world, now do we, Linda?

No. Instead, we live in a world filled with deceit, profit at the expense of others, and regulations that are easy to skirt around.

Huge companies are notorious for making health claims that end up being completely bogus. Among the ranks of those who have been sued for deceitful marketing is Vitamin Water, Activia, and Red Bull. Why? Because (GASP!) Vitamin Water is actually just sugar water. Can we all collectively give a resounding “No shit, Sherlock”?

In this article, employees reveal secrets of their job that their bosses would never want the public to know.

Warning: Your faith in humanity will be completely destroyed.

Tripping Out

It isn’t often we hear about psychedelic drugs in this day and age. When discussing the current “war on drugs” in relation to policy implementation, the topic of mind-altering psychedelics is visibly missing from the dialogue. But why?

From the1960’s and into the beginning of the 21st century, psychotropics like acid, mushrooms, and peyote were staples in most drug cultures. Largely popular among hippies, ravers, and the eclectic, these substances were viewed as incredibly dangerous by the average person.

The effects of acid, in particular, were shrouded in mystery and fear. With reports that the US government used the powerful psychoactive drug on military personnel to study behavior (along with multiple reports suggesting the drug created long-term psychosis), the public responded with fear and legal repercussions.

Now in 2018, psychotropics have all but disappeared from the National rhetoric. But new studies suggest they may not be as detrimental as we once believed.

Here is the newest report on how these drugs might have positive benefits for your mental health.

Popping The Question

Most women have dreamt about how they’ll be proposed to since they were little. Will it be romantic? Extravagant? Simple or Quarky? However you anticipated your engagements unfolding, we doubt it was this funny.