Determining Right From Wrong

Determining Right From Wrong

The Nightcap

Nightcap for May 21st, 2018


“My motto is: Contented with little, yet wishing for more.” – Charles Lamb

The Hypocrisy of The Hippocratic Oath

There are certain things in life that are incredibly complicated, creating a large gray area where it’s nearly impossible to implement laws accordingly. Topics like abortion, welfare, and whether The Big Bang Theory is ACTUALLY funny – are rarely agreed upon. In turn, these complicated issues have created a toxic environment and an inability to pass laws everyone can agree with.

Such is the case with assisted suicide. Jack Kevorkian was the first doctor to aid in patient death, resulting in him being imprisoned. Now, a few decades later, some states are allowing physicians to help their terminally ill patients end their lives.

To be clear, there are pretty strict sanctions on carrying out assisted suicide. Like, you can’t ask a doctor to put you under anesthesia because you can’t bear one more episode of The Big Bang Theory.

However, one California judge still doesn’t think doctors should be permitted to carry out suicides and is trying to overturn the law that allows it.

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Is Cheating A Choice?

Writing about cheating is a bit conflicting for me because there are two cornerstones of human nature with regards to relationships that I believe whole-heartedly…

… and they completely contradict one another.

I believe humans are sexual beings that are designed to be attracted to a variety of people and characteristics, making it nearly impossible to be monogamous for long periods of time.

Conversely, I believe cheating is a conscious choice a person makes and there is no such thing as getting “caught up in the moment.” Like all other vices, self-restraint lends itself to self-autonomy.

So, is everyone innately designed to “sow their wild oats” til the end of time? Or are we different from other species in that our intellectual and emotional maturity allows us to live a life of monogamy?

According to this article, only certain types of people cheat on their spouses and these are the tell-tale signs.

George Carlin

When it comes to religion, people tend to have very strong opinions. It makes sense. When used correctly, religion can help people through tough times and provide comfort. When used incorrectly, it can lead to manipulation of the masses and war.

Here George Carlin explains why religion is such a ridiculous notion.