Real-Life Horror Stories

Real-Life Horror Stories

The Nightcap

Nightcap for May 23rd, 2018


“It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.” – Tom Brokaw

Parenting Just Got Real

You have to have a sense of humor when you have kids. You just have to. Don’t let the media and advertising fool you into thinking it’s all lollipops and sing-alongs.

I mean, technically it is, but it’s STICKY lollipops that get stuck in your kid’s hair and car seat. And it’s TERRIBLE sing-alongs that your kid wants to play over and over and over again like some twisted torture technique.

If Pampers commercials were real, they’d show a disheveled mom dealing with a blow-out at 3 in the morning. If celebrities were honest, their Instagrams would include a team of chefs, maids, and nannies doing a lot of the heavy-lifting. And if seasoned parents didn’t want to scare first-timers, they’d explain that living with a toddler is much like living with a messy, inconsiderate roommate that gaslights you constantly.

Comedian Ali Wong knows a thing or two about being a mom and these hysterical excerpts from her newest special are all too real.

I Love You, Here’s A Restraining Order

As a member of the XX-chromosome club, I can honestly and confidently say… “bitches be crazy.”

To be fair, men also can be awful, irrational human beings, but there is something about a scorned woman that is extra foreboding.

The thing about being manipulative, erratic, and emotionally or physically abusive is that – even if the other person gets the courage to leave the relationship – it could take years of therapy to undo the psychological damage.

They say “behind every crazy woman is a man that brought it out in her.” But in these 45 haunting stories of crazy ex-girlfriends, it seems like just breathing makes these ladies spiral out of control.

Here, ex-boyfriends describe their hellish relationships with women that probably belong behind bars.

Pray Away The Gay

Take a glimpse into the dark underbelly of a conversion therapy camp with this teenager’s haunting story.