Creating A New Reality

Creating A New Reality

The Nightcap

Nightcap for May 29th, 2018


“There is always room at the top.” – Daniel Webster

The Great Disconnect

One of the most eye-opening conversations I ever had occurred maybe six months ago. It was a Friday night after a long week and I was having drinks with friends.

We were discussing movies we hadn’t seen because we’re all parents and, in case you didn’t know, parents don’t have nice things like movie dates. We just all lead vapid existences to make sure our kids are happy and taken care of.

Anyway, as we discussed up-coming movies I had never heard of, one of my friends mentioned a new IMAX-like theatre that had recently been built a town over. She proclaimed it was one of the neatest experiences she ever had.

“We watched Beauty and The Beast there and you can literally FEEL the snow and SMELL the roses and HEAR the rain…like you were actually there, in nature.”

To which I replied, “Nikki. You can physically open the door and go outside your house RIGHT NOW and experience all of that for free.”

We all laughed, but mostly because we all realized how backward and crazy the entire juxtaposition sounded. As a society, we all are SO IMPRESSED when video games or movies feel “real”, yet don’t recognize that most of these things we already have access to if we just left the damn couch once and a while.

As this video so hauntingly reveals, we have become a society so disconnected with nature, we’ve learned to create our own within the confines of our home.

Smoking Ganj For A Good Cause

Since the legalization of marijuana passed in 2012, many unexpected “side effects” have transpired.

Opioid overdoses decreased as did the use of other pharmaceutical drugs for chronic pain and illness. Police tasks also saw the rate of DUIs and domestic violence incidences go down and the economy started BOOMING.

None of this is probably a surprise to anyone who has smoked or been around smokers. The only thing stoners usually assault is a pizza.

What may be a little surprising is how high property value went up and it’s not just because a lot of people were suddenly moving to Colorado. (Although, who would have thought a green plant was enough motivation for a person to uproot themselves to another state?)

Weed dispensaries and growers started making insane amounts of money, but none of this could be claimed to the IRS because marijuana isn’t federally recognized as a legal business. Thus, people had to start reinvesting (a.k.a. laundering) their money like they were on some zany episode of Ozark. The combination of transients and real estate investments resulted in exponential rental prices … which is a good thing if you’re a landlord; not so good if you rent.

There is another subgroup of people this may end up influencing: The homeless. Colorado has plans in effect to use some of the State taxes to implement programs for those in need. Why? Because Colorado is America’s, goddamn Sweetheart. (Sorry Kristen Bell. You’ve been replaced).

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Do It Yourself

We’ve all consulted YouTube when trying to fix something or carry out a project at home, but what about when building an entire house? Well, that’s exactly what this one woman did and the results are mind-blowing.