Going Down The Rabbit Hole

Going Down The Rabbit Hole

The Nightcap

Nightcap for June 1st, 2018


“Human judges can show mercy. But against the laws of nature, there is no appeal.” – Arthur C. Clarke

A Plea For Reform

Being homeless and destitute would be an awful experience, no matter where you lived. But you DEFINITELY don’t want to find yourself anywhere near Wales or Great Britain if you’re in that situation.

Recently, the UK implemented laws that would force the homeless to serve time and/or pay hefty fines – both which seem pretty counterintuitive to fixing a poverty crisis.

Here in America, we are experiencing a similar response to socioeconomic issues such as drug use, prostitution, and poverty. The answer always seems to be jail time, but is this actually helping a public health crisis or simply pandering to it?

Currently, our prison systems are swollen with inmates, many of which are there for infractions that appear to be no more than misdemeanors. This has created a huge burden on public resources and tax dollars. Furthermore, most studies show that serving time rarely rehabilitates offenders, instead actually contributing to crime and destitution.

As discussed in this NPR article, a cry for reform has gone unheard for decades, resulting in a significant amount of minorities spending their time behind bars. In turn, the consequences bleed back into the communities, causing a never-ending cycle of crime and poverty.

Perplexing Sexing

Let’s talk about sex, shall we?

It’s pretty much everyone’s favorite topic for two reasons: everyone LOVES it and it’s kind of taboo, which makes the topic that much for fun to broach.

Seeing as sex is literally the cornerstone to life, it’s odd that our culture has made it so hush-hush. However, if you’ve ever found yourself going down the rabbit hole of Pornhub or some obscure sex website, you start to realize people have some WEIRD fetishes. And we’re not talking your typical whips-and-chains.

Some experts believe that being sexually attracted to extreme acts or non-amorous objects is the result of a miss-wiring of the reward centers in the brain. This usually occurs in early childhood. But maybe those experts are unimaginative stiffs (pun intended) that adhere to the restrictions of a vanilla society.

Here are some of the more outrageous things people are attracted to (and yes, each is categorically named)


Anyone remember hopscotch? Well someone recently drew a game of hopscotch on a city sidewalk and the results were heartwarming.