The NFL Is Facing Serious Problems

The NFL Is Facing Serious Problems

The Nightcap

Nightcap for June 7th, 2018


“You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning” – Drake

Are You A Trader Joe

Have you ever noticed that grocery store chains have their own cult-like following?

People are OBSESSED with where they shop and rarely does it seem to be based on what that particular grocery store actually sells.

For example, you would think the German-based conglomerate, ALDI, was its own religion. People flip their shit over this store because it sells inexpensive organic food. But the REAL appeal of this chain seems to be the quarter-slot shopping carts and the bring-your-own-bag check-out rule; both of which make sense economically but aren’t exactly convenient.

Then there is Whole Foods which is the go-to for white people that are scared of gluten and BPA.

And finally, there is Trader Joe’s which also has its very own clientele.

Here are eight types of customers you are bound to find perusing the aisles of TJ’s.

All Isn’t Fair In Love and Football

Watching professional football used to be fun. Thursdays nights were exciting because, if your team was playing, you got to stay up late on a school night. Sunday’s were equally anticipated because it meant junk food and bonding time with family.

I still love the idea of football and I’ll still root for my teams, but it’s become increasingly harder to support the NFL when more and more information has surfaced regarding how shady the conglomerate is.

First, it was all the excessive rules that didn’t seem to make any sense. Then, it was learning about the detrimental neurological effects the sport has on player’s long-term health, (information the NFL has known for a long time, but could give a shit about because it’s really not their problem). Then, it was finding out the exorbitant amount of drugs they feed these guys to keep them playing to their optimal potential.

In recent years, the scandals and the cover-ups seem to be getting worse. Players that were reported sex offenders and wife-beaters were still getting game-time. Meanwhile, other players (like Colin Kaepernick) were losing THEIR playtime for making political statements.

As of just a few weeks ago, the NFL made a public statement saying they would fine or suspend players that kneeled during the National Anthem. Which MIGHT be applaudable if the NFL had a history of doing the right, moral thing. But they don’t.

Here’s another scandal the NFL is hiding and this may be the first time any of us are hearing about it.

Hunting For A Purpose

Hunting has always been at the core of human nature. We used it for centuries to facilitate food gathering and to make clothing.

Recently it’s become less popular, leading some to wonder what the potential consequences are for fading out hunting?

Learn more about the consequences here