Bad Behavior

Bad Behavior

The Nightcap

Nightcap for June 13th, 2018


“Chicken Pot Pie are my three favorite things.” – Anonymous

Chef Intervention

As someone who has worked in the restaurant industry for a significant portion of my life, I can honestly say it’s a creature very separate from any other work environment.

The hours are different, there is way more leniency toward “inappropriate behavior”, industry people have their own subculture, and you get unique insight and perspective into human behavior.

I’ve always maintained that EVERYONE should have to work in the restaurant industry, if only for a few days. I think it makes you a better, more patient and understanding patron down the road.

The back-of-the-house usually consists of a very eclectic group of “social misfits” and are, in my personal opinion, what makes serving tables so entertaining and fun. Grant you, cooks can be total dickheads due to the fast-paced, high-pressure nature of the job, but usually everyone kisses and makes up over shift drinks – another benefit of the job reserved solely for industry people.

This hysterical spoof on chefs is as accurate as it is funny.

Responsibility vs. Fault

Us humans are remarkably good at shifting fault and blame from ourselves onto other people. It’s almost as though we can’t help ourselves.

It has become the gold standard for how we handle controversy and how we look at the world, and the consequences have bled into every aspect of society.

When our kids act up or fail in school, we blame the teachers. When we don’t get a job or promotion, we blame the employer. When a school shooting occurs, we blame literally EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING but the actual kid. Hell, our very own President who should be the pillar of leadership has mastered the art of diverting attention and responsibility from himself and his cabinet.

This outlook has insidiously shaped our social and political landscape. The result is a group of people who point fingers and bristle at self-reflection and self-improvement.

This is how you personally can help to change that

Happiest Place On Earth

Most little girls dream of being a princess in a magical kingdom. Most parents take their kids to Disney so they can live out their fantasy.

Well, this father brought Disney to his daughter and the result was stunning.